Retreat Experience – Yoga and Surf Weekend

Review Date - 2011-01-28

Renew, relax and try something new

There a variety of reasons someone may choose to go to yoga retreat. It could be an opportunity for relaxation, a place to rejuvenate, a chance to expand horizons and meet new people. The wonderful thing about a retreat is you can get all or some of these things in a weekend. Tofino is a location on the Island that was hard to pass up as it is magical anytime of the year. The setting was the gorgeous Middle Beach Lodge, where you can be lulled by the sounds of the ocean.

I had attended a weekend yoga retreat in Ontario a few years ago but the OmTown Yoga Surf Weekend was my first West Coast experience. I decided to go because I was in need of recharge before the hectic holidays. I am an active yoga practitioner, but was looking forward to trying a variety of styles of yoga in one weekend without the hustle and bustle of regular life. Surfing was the chance to explore my adventurous side and challenge my body in the cold Pacific Ocean water. I loved my first surfing experience so much I am planning on going back.

What I enjoyed most about the weekend was the opportunity to connect with new people, practice yoga in a serene setting and feel like I didn't have to think about anything. My mind was challenged to slow down and my body was challenged to be strong through yoga and surfing. I am looking forward to my next retreat experience.

Erin O'Reilly
313 Public Relations
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