Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Carly Forest

Review Date - 2014-02-21

Carly Forest led a Yin Yoga Teacher Training February 21-23, 2014 just south of Nanaimo at Yoga Weyr. The 20 participants ranged from yoga instructors to those wanting to incorporate the principles of yin yoga and mindfulness into their current lives. Friday night was an introduction to the basics of yin yoga. On Saturday we studied the lines of energy known as meridians in Chinese Medicine and how by stimulating them we might bring more balance and health to the body, mind and spirit. Sunday was a day to practice the theory, share the teachings of the dharma and experience the depth of a yin practice.

Lunch was beautifully provided by the Coco Cafe from Cedar. The Yoga Weyr nurtured us in a way that complemented Carly's work.

As much as there is a deep sense of rest as one relaxes into the various postures of Yin Yoga, one may have the time and opportunity to unpack the layers of holding, protecting and tensing which the body presents. Carly guided us with loving kindness from a place of knowledge. We all have the dark, painful places within ourselves which we can bring to light or dive into to discover the nature of the darkness. Yin Yoga is a gentle way to work with the most wounded places within us so that we may pass through this life with less suffering.