Mary Lou Weprin - Iyengar Workshop in Nanaimo

Review Date - 2014-03-10

Mary Lou introduced some cues on Friday night of our three day workshop that she revisited in most pose work:

Shoulder blades wide and flat against rib cage, broadening of floating ribs
Abdominal support
When arms are raised overhead, shoulder blades press into the body.

On Friday night we visited these actions and others as we reclined in supta baddha konasana, rested over a bolster with shoulder blades on it and raised our arms overhead, stood in vrksasana, trikonasana, parsvottanasana, and worked for headstand prep with forearms on two blocks to get the elbow to wrist action and of course shoulder blade actions. 


Saturday she started with back bend over bolster, thigh stretches and downward facing dog. Here the cues included side and front body extensions, space in the lumbar area and lifting up and over joints. We did:

Leg stretches at the wall

Handstand prep






Ardha chandrasana

The foundation principles were;Equal and opposite stretching, rhythm, median line, and up and over joints.

Sunday we repeated several of the standing poses and added head balance with a specific set up at the wall that targets the thoracic vertebrae.

Kelly Murphy


It was a wonderful w/end.

It was heavenly. It reminded me of gatherings with Maharishi.

Such leadership. Modest mastery. Such collective consciousness, focus and friendliness.

And oh! the teaching... so fluid. So sensitively sequenced. So rhythmic. Such kind invitation. Such skill and modest mastery.

"It was a privilege in so many ways.

I really really loved it... diamonds, squares, rhythm and breath.

I really loved our final janu sirsasana and the flow of the breath to begin, to uplift, to extend, to find your place, to repose, to exit.

I used breath with more awareness and appreciation.

Such integration.

I heard so many yogis speak of firsts of discoveries.

This w/e was something extraordinary. Memorable. Precious.

Thank you encore.