Inspiration of Anusara Yoga with Paul Gould and Jenni Fox

Review Date - 2011-06-19

Friday night the participants found out what Paul and Jenni have come to offer our community. The best of their years of study in the Iyengar tradition and the playfulness of John Friend's Anusara yoga. 

Paul and Jenni focus on the principles of alignment with an openhearted approach. Seekers came together to encourage one another and find encouragement to explore their personal limits.

Looking forward to their return to Vancouver Island to continue our investigation of self. 

Workshop May 13-15, 2011.

Jenni Fox and Paul Gould came from California to Inspire us with Anusara for a second year. What a wonderful pair these two beings are. They share their knowledge of the Principles of Alignment generously and effectively. After the weekend spent in their presence I feel more open and stable in every joint. I find that, especially in my "hurt" places, I am able to loosen, breathe and stabilize in a healthy way. Thank you, Paul and Jenni, for your open-hearted guidance.

Kim LeDuc