Review Date - 2014-10-27

This is a book which makes one look at the way one lives in the tame world which we have depleted of wild animals and places. George Monbiot describes how humans will tend to make up terrifying beasts like huge black panthers (many sightings reported yearly in the UK). He attributes this to the fact that "As our lives have become tamer and more predictable, as the abundance and diversity of nature have declined, as our physical challenges have diminished to the point at which the greatest trial of strength and ingenuitywe face is opening a badly designed packet of nuts, could these imaginary creatures have brought us something we miss?"

It seems to me that many of us would like a biodiverse planet full of large and even dangerous creatures if it means that the headlong drive towards monoculture can be reversed. We humans are smart enough and we have the necessary tools to create a wilder world but we need to work very hard to convince our fellow humans of the need.

David Suzuki:

“Human beings are altering the physical, chemical and biological properties of the planet on a geological scale and thereby undermining our life support systems of air, water, soil, photosynthesis and biodiversity. Drawing on a life of rich observation and experience, George Monbiot regales us with stories of life’s astonishing capacity for renewal and offers an uplifting and inspiring goal beyond the cessation of our destructive rampage, the restoration of the wild in nature and our own lives. Immersed in the gloom and doom of ecological destruction, environmentalists can find strength in nature’s capacity to be resilient and abundant if we give her a chance.”