Yoga with Diane Bruni

Review Date - 2011-10-25

I just took a workshop from Diane Bruni in which we did all these gluteal strengthening exercises and talked about how much in yoga is taken for granted and never questioned. We question our government and our bank and our religious background but do we ask why we are doing our yoga practice this way or that way when we come to the mat? Diane had us sliding across the beautiful hardwood floor at Yoga Weyr, crawling like zombies and hopping like frogs, as well as feeling the spinal undulations which can enliven our static asanas. 

Diane’s workshop was very honestly directed at teachers. She asked us to practice in new ways. We never lined our feet up in the typically yogic fashion of parallel but instead we turned out our feet to a comfortable 5 -7 degrees. She asked us what we thought and felt and asked us to question why we had been forcing ourselves and telling our students to do things in only this one way for each different body. Wow... is it because that is the way that we have been taught and we don’t like to think for ourselves? 

Diane finished the workshop by telling us to learn from one another and share information and experience.  She also said that one must dig deep to find water so not to dig shallow holes into every different thing that comes along. I think another Vancouver Island Yoga Kula is in order. I know that we need the bright minds and hearts and the experienced dedicated practitioners if we are to grow in the direction of truth.