Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People

Review Date - 2011-01-23

By Emily Pilloton. Foreword by Allan Chochinov.
Published by Metropolis Books

This book introduces some of the most innovative and sensible designs for education, enterprise, play and wellbeing as well as applications for water, energy, food and mobility issues.

User friendly perscription bottles, rolling water containers that easily move enough water for a family of 5-7 for a week, using waste product to create sugarcane charcoal helps places like Haiti preserve the remaining forest while supplying people with the fuel they require.

Pilloton advocates for beautiful solutions to ugly problems and has looked at the realities of the design world and injected a much needed ethical viewpoint into the process. I admire her desire to serve the underserved in terms of designing to fix problems that do exist rather than focussing on designing things that people don't need.

Kim LeDuc