A Cool Yule Showcases Musical Youth - Nanaimo

Review Date - 2010-12-18

A Cool Yule Showcases Musical Youth - Nanaimo

On Thursday, December 16th, 2010

A family event was held at Headliners School for the Performing Arts at 165 Fraser Street  and showcased some of Vancouver Island’s most talented youth. Everyone enjoyed the performances and there was a spirit of Christmas and good will in the room. The singers were excellent as they sang some old and some new Christmasy songs. Torchy, jazzy stuff, as well as, modern day songs by Faith Hill and her ilk.


Alexandria Maillot sang the second set beautifully with a soft bluesy sound even though she was beginning to loose her voice due to a cold. Quite amazing how she did that! She was joined and accompanied by some local talent who will certainly continue to amaze people in the future. Our little town consistantly produces musical talent of such incredible caliber.

Much of the credit must go to J. Douglas Dodd who has taught all of these kids to sing, to play and to write. Thanks to Manda Chelmak of Headliners School for the Performing Arts for offering young people such a quality and professional experience, as well as, Todd Sacerty for mixing the sound and making everything sound great. Thanks also to Doug Tombe from Petro Canada, whose daughter sang so wonderfully, for the goodies supplied for the audience.

At the end of the night Joelle Rabu treated the croud with a Christmas Carol to end the night. She was beautifully accompanied by her son, Nico Rhodes, on piano. More donations than were expected, of food and money, were collected for Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes food bank.

Image by Alec Watson