BackMitra Workshop with Sharon Abbondanza

Review Date - 2014-09-29

Focusing on the shoulder girdle, mid-back and neck, this workshop encompassed BackMitra sequences and yoga therapy practices to awaken connection, restore breath and circulation, improve alignment and bring ease. We explored the orientation of the shoulder girdle; bringing awareness to both the support of the spine and the freedom of the arms. The shoulder girdle is like a cape on the rib cage. Optimal function is dependent on balanced muscular tone.

Participants learned simple practices to improve alignment and release long held tension in the mid-back promoting freedom in the shoulder girdle, and ease in the neck and arms. The workshop blended breath, movement and relaxation and incorporate functional anatomy to embody the learning.

Hosted by Living Well Body Works or call 250-607-9642

Sarah Oliver of the Living Well Body Works Studio at the Coombs Junction hosted Sharon Abbondanza for a yoga workshop which included work with the BackMitra which is a simple and effective tool to bring hightened awareness to small intrinsic muscles. From my experience of the work I would say that the balancing effect of lying on the BackMitra for even a short period of time had lasting positive effects.

I have been trying to approximate the feeling and effectiveness of the BackMitra and the work that Sharon shared but lying on rolled-up blankets just does not do the same thing in the body. As a masseuse and Yoga Instructor I was very taken by the three dimensional models of the musculature of the back which Sharon was able to provide as an educational tool. Fabulous!

Kim LeDuc


What a pleasure to teach BackMitra Magic at Sarah Oliver's studio. Located at Coombs Junction, Living Well Body Works is a haven of serenity.

We had a full house both Saturday and Sunday. Each afternoon we explored many BackMitra sequences, breathing inquiries, gentle hatha yoga practices and some anatomical appreciation. On Sunday we focussed on the shoulder girdle, so I brought my 'Layers of the Back Body' a plasticine model of the muscles groups.

What a joy to see how well received the BackMitra work - one student left pain free and said, "I have to say that it ALL worked for me. I walked out of Saturdays workshop 6 inches taller and woke the next morning without back pain and still as tall. I am still free of back pain and taking NO meds. Hallelujah. Yoga and the BackMitra for ease and freedom."

I look forward to our spring workshops: Mitra and Melt, and The Mothership - Your Diaphragm

Hope to see you there - stay tuned for details..

Thank you Sarah!

Sharon Abbondanza