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  • Alexandra Morton is working her tail off to bring our awareness to the dire situation between government backed corporate fish farms in the archipelagos of the BC coast. Wild Salmon continue to be threatened by the practices of net cage fish farming.
  • George Monbiot - Out of the Ashes Blogger of renoun and interest to thinking beings.
  • Malaspina Radio Society 101.7 FM  The people of Radio Malaspina are committed to engaging our listeners with an inclusive, intelligent and innovative alternative media experience. We encourage personal responsibility in all levels of community. We are a campus and community-supported forum and stage for the voices of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, the Islands and beyond. Check out Tuesdays + Thursdays at 10 am the Green Planet Monitor - Sustainable Development Techniques.

  • www.desmogblog.comclimate-cover.gif The DeSmogBlog Project began in January 2006 and quickly became the world’s number one source for accurate, fact based information regarding Global Warming misinformation campaigns.
  • An independent daily online magazine reaching every corner of B.C. and beyond. Created in 2003 by editor David Beers and other writers who wanted lively, informative news and views to be expressed free from corporate intervention and agendas. 
  • is a magazine, published in Nanaimo, dedicated to Mindful Living. Created to promote the exchange of ideas and stories to promote wellness in all areas of our lives… body, mind and spirit. Synergy is created when we are working together, sharing resources and developing symbiotic relationships. 

  • 5.5 million-person global, online advocacy campaign network that brings people powered politics to global decision making.
  • Now in its sixth year, World Challenge is a global competition aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level. World Challenge is brought to you by BBC World News and Newsweek, in association with Shell and is about championing and rewarding projects and businesses which really make a difference.
  • The purpose of the Touchy Subjects blog is to explore, with an open, unbounded spirit, ideas and issues about energy and how it relates to us and to healing. Touchy Subjects is about connecting science and spirit without fear and without boundaries.

    We aren’t interested in saying “This is how it is.” We’re interested in saying “Wow, this is how it might be.” We explore all possibilities…even if they seem too crazy to be true. Because most great ideas do seem a little crazy before they are fearlessly explored and fully understood.
  • THE RANT is written by veteran ranters. They feel deeply about the world and they express themselves passionately.
  • The David Suzuki Foundation - We work with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based education, advocacy and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the social change that today's situation demands. Our mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

  • This is purely for fun. If we can't laugh at our neighbours in our turn then how will they every be able to laugh at us.  THERE'S NO APOSTROPHE IN APPY'S
  • www.kidsdevelopmentsociety.orgLogoSmall.gif Adrianne and Rick travel to developing countries where, using their own funds, as well as, funds that have been donated, they assist with the basic needs for the communities they work with including: housing, clean water, medicine, schools, educational supplies, transportation and small business grants.
  • Beautiful Yoga retreat and Study Centre in Kootenay Bay, B.C. Discover the Light that you are at Yasodhara Ashram, a vibrant spiritual community in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia. Established by Swami Sivananda Radha in 1963, the Ashram welcomes people of all ages and spiritual traditions. Radha’s successor, Swami Radhananda, continues the tradition of encompassing ancient and modern perspectives. The result is at once practical and inspiring. The peaceful atmosphere and abundant natural beauty support spiritual practices that bring quality to every aspect of daily life: faith, family, work and community. Check out their website and sign up for the LightWaves Newsletter.
  • The No Impact Project was created to empower citizens to make choices which better their lives and lower their environmental impact through lifestyle change, community action, and participation in environmental politics.
  • Please join us Thursday evenings at the Vancouver Island University campus and Wednesday Evenings at the Parksville campus, for weekly presentations of cutting-edge films that explore a variety of themes including globalization, human rights, war and peace, capitalism, music, culture, health, gender, sexuality, and much more. Everyone within the Malaspina community is welcome, and admission is by donation. Please check Thrive's Events Calendar for current film listings.
  •  We believe that a healthy democracy can only survive when its citizens debate the critical issues of the day. This means we must have an on-going dialogue where we share our thoughts with our fellow citizens. COMMUNITY GROUPS ·
    Tidechangelogo.jpg hopes to facilitate that dialogue.

You're Not Going to Eat That Are You? - Cheryl Bakke Martin A very good article with lots of reference links about the food we consume.


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STIR: Oil executive son's powerful testimony at Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel

“We are destroying future generations for now, and forever.” oil refinery dept. manager in India.