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Yoga Kula

Mar 29, 2011


There were 44 participants practicing together during the Yin Flow class led by Sharon Daly. I think we all enjoyed working up a sweat to begin the day and then holding the long beautiful yin poses at the end.


When the students left us, we teachers continued to practice as a group.

Dorlean had us contemplate and write down our thoughts about support using what Triangle and Shoulderstand offer us in metaphoric, as well as, literal terms. Jana Ziman challenged us to chant mantra and set our intentions to plant the seeds that we choose to nurture. Both of these session went well beyond the physical and often our comfort zones.


Laurie Webb of the Healing Gourmet satisfied our hunger, pleased our taste buds and grounded us for the time when we gathered after lunch to talk about what is possible for us as a Kula or Family or Community of aspirants. Many seeds were planted and connections were made between people who found commonalities within our very own community. We have some very  diverse, qualified and experienced teachers right here on the Island(s). There were about 45 teachers in the one room together and I have had contact with many more on the island who want to know what happened in our group and will be looking to join us when we gather next. September? October? Anyone offering to share their work with the group?


April Kuramoto and Tyler Marteman got the keeners moving in a fluid Trance Dance. We really used the space that is provided by Yoga Weyr. It was total Joy to move after our big group discussion. So many ideas to release and let go so that they can settle into our hearts and minds for the highest good. Dance is like magic for the body, mind and spirit.


“Everything in the universe has Rhythm. Everything Dances.”

 - Maya Angelou


I learned that I need to leave some time to transition between sessions.

Please tell me what you would like to have happen for our future gatherings. 



I took the food that was donated during the Kula and $100 to the Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank on Farquhar St in South Nanaimo and Peter Sinclair their Executive Director told me that a couple of weeks ago they served 518 adults and 230 children in one day.

 Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank wrote:

"Thank you for supporting us"


That leaves $350 left over and I will give that to Rick Lenart and Adrianne Dartnal who fundraise here in Canada and then distribute the funds for the benefit of children in S.E. Asia through their society KIDS. Thank you to all the people who were so generous with their practice and their donations.


We now have a facebook page on which we can communicate to one another. Search for Vancouver Island Yoga Kula. I suggest that you mention upcoming events but use as your full event listing and just put the ULR (copy whatever is in the search bar when you are looking at your event on Thrive) in the link bar on the facebook entry. 


One blue yoga mat was left at Yoga Weyr after the Kula. Please let me know if it is yours and whether you can come out for yoga to get it. Kristy I will bring your books to Moksha one day soon.

I have signed everyone who attended the Kula workshop up to receive my newsletter from, even the students. Please unsubscribe it you do not wish to continue to receive updates. 





"Thanks for the awesome weekend, great to connect with so many fabulous yoga peeps!" Stephanie Green


thank you, so much, for the energy you put into the Kula event on Saturday. i left feeling light and refreshed, fully charged and ready to share more teaching through yoga. your choice of events for the day was brilliant... it gave me a nice taste of some of the gifts others are sharing locally. you have touched many with your generous self... we are blessed to have you a part of our community. i look forward to more of these... count me in! blessings and love... namaste

 Laura Jesson Love


I really enjoyed the Kula. I was pooped after, it was a really active day both physically and mentally. Excellent turn-out. I think there are lots of opportunities for different retreats, it may also be just for non-teachers too so people can explore different types of yoga and enjoy food and beautiful surroundings.

erin :-)


Thanks for your heartfelt efforts in organizing the kula. So many ideas. Be easy on yourself in moving forward. Namaste, Terri


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Posted by George on
This sounds pretty amazing. I'd love to participate in anything like this in the future. Please keep me posted. Loveandlight, g
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