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Yoga Kula for Teachers

Oct 26, 2012

I have  a belief that I will not be able to walk this path alone. I may be able to see and even feel that my body mind and spirit have united but without the shared experience of hearing and seeing others who are having a common experience my triumphs, as well as my failures, seem less meaningful. My personal focus has always been health and not simply my own health but peace in the world, a balance in the environment, the alignment of a person’s shoulders, the way people holds themselves when they are in pain. I care deeply for all the children on this planet. I think you, as yoga teachers, are similarly inspired.


I know that many of us have tried to create community in the past. We have, collectively, a lot of experience with getting like minded people together. I have talked to many of you and some people have told me stories like the one which I describe in my latest blog called "Contemplating" where the welcome factor was not enhanced by a yoga teacher. I was told by one person that they had tried something similar to what I do when I invite teachers to the Kula Gatherings and that their own attempt failed so they did not try again. I have been informed that people have formed their own community and there was no need for any other reaching out. I have witnessed the tentative seekers who try it out before committing to anything and the keeners who willingly dive in and are willing to risk all. It is hard for us humans to trust and respect the wide range of diversity when we have been hurt before and are wary of joining anything new.




 We are all so diverse. That is what makes us so incredible. Each of us holding the place that we can at this moment. I honour the place that each one of you hold and consider myself placed to hold the door open to you all as fellow seekers. I believe that we will enhance one another’s experience by gathering. It is as simple as that, we invite synergy when we get together.  More is possible when we have union. The essence of yoga.


I am grateful to the many experienced teachers in our community who see the value of bringing the rest of us along. The wealth of experience and the diversity which is in the community of yoga teachers from Shawnigan Lake to Tofino to Courtenay (haven’t got anyone in Campbell River yet!) is tremendous and I thank all the teachers and especially the senior teachers for sharing their yoga with us all. The support and caring which is inherent in that willingness to share is heartening to me personally and nourishes me professionally. 


The coming Mid-Island Yoga Kula Retreat on the 18th of November in the beautiful Yoga Weyr is just for us teachers to gather and support one another on this path. To practice together, to challenge ourselves with witnesses who support our growth, to build this community so that we can take our yoga out to the world. 


Contact me at if you would like to join us on Nov.18th



 May we all walk the path in peace and love.



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Posted by Alberto on
This looks wonderful! I keep meinang to visit a lavender farm I heard about that is about an hour north of Detroit.It's been years since I made lavender cookies (I had an easy, shortbread-type recipe that yielded pretty decent cookies even for someone who isn't a baker, like me).Nice job on the Flip video. I also got a Flip recently (I've got a couple of really short clips shot on a dark, wet, and snowy night of a holiday light display going up tomorrow I've obviously got a lot to learn about taking video!).
Posted by ddvfmv on
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Posted by njuffrdx on
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Posted by gknreh on
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