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Yoga for Specific Conditions

Mar 28, 2012



There are some yoga classes in our area which address unique needs within our communities. Here are some options for people who find a regular yoga class is not for them:



Bend Over Backwards offers a Cancer Recovery Class.

Yoga and meditation for those in cancer treatment or post treatment for cancer. Richard Cabell leads meditation and Missi leads yoga asanas in the restorative mode on Wednesdays 9-10:30 am.


Chair yoga for those experiencing mobility issues; Fridays at noon.


And Therapeutics; Wed 5-6 pm for those with a wide range of challenges; hip and shoulder pain, chronic conditions such as arthritis and IBS and anxiety and depression as well as sleep issues.




Yoga and Ayurveda are among the most effective preventative efforts that a person with Diabetes or Arthritis can take.  Sandra Shotton is a certified  Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist with 15 years of experience. Sandra has developed this 10 week program to assist people to live healthy lives incorporating the tools and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to prevent or delay Diabetes complications or arthritic conditions. This class is designed for people who would not necessarily feel comfortable going to a regular Yoga Class.


Contact Sandra at Island Yoga Vista for info on the Yoga Series’ for Arthritis and Diabetes running from mid April through June in Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum Beach.



Along with their regularly scheduled classes, Red Door Yoga® offers classes designed specifically for those dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Classes are divided by ambulatory ability with a separate class focusing on those who are wheelchair dependent.  These classes are part of the Red Door Yoga® Research series.



Yoga Weyr offers a new Mobility class option geared to the needs of people with issues of decreased mobility. Yoga can be adapted to the specific needs of every person.


Here is a description from one of the participants in the Mobility Class at Yoga Weyr:


“I recently had knee surgery. Prior to having the surgery, and in spite of going to physiotherapy, I lost a lot of strength in my legs. I’m 67, and at this age I don’t heal the same as when I was 40 or 50.  I wanted to have my life back to the fullest but was not sure where to go to start the process.  


I was guided to Yoga Weyr Inc. by my massage therapist Regina (another amazing healer). She told me of a class that was about to start in February at the Yoga Weyr. She said it was specifically designed for people like me who have some kind of mobility issue. I was elated. I called Yoga Weyr and spoke to Wendy and made arrangements to attend. Let me tell you this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.


The classes are small (four to five people so far) and there are two instructors. I marvel at the classes and how hard my body is working in a safe, caring and healing environment. Throughout the class, we have the option of sitting, standing or being on the mat or a combination of all three.  


I love all the stretches but most of all I love how my body feels at the end of the class. I feel invigorated and my legs feel stronger and without pain.  I know I have worked out because I am sweating and by the end of the day I can feel a bit stiff but always stronger and more limber the following day. These classes are helping me to breathe new life into my body, mind and spirit.  I and encourage you if you have a mobility issue to check out the Mobility Class.

Thursdays from 12:30 till 1:45. 


 Thank You Yoga Weyr and Wendy,

 Namaste June”


*Click on the highlighted names of the studios to link to their individual websites



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Posted by Alistair on
Hi Lara,Just want to say Thank You for the Zumba dance of last 8 weeks, I did enjoy your class training for Zumba dance, your music, your mvtoiation … You are a wonderful trainer with excellent experience, great patience. I always look forward to attending to your class every week. It is relaxing, enjoyable and fun, never boring, one hour goes fast … I found that it is the best way for me to excise and keep fit. Big Thank You!Flore Lifrom LoyaltyOne
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