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May 10, 2011



I started this website because I want to encourage people to thrive! 
I want us all to have options that help us make good choices for ourselves. 

If we are taking care of ourselves responsibly then we can be of use to others. I have been working to build an online community information notice board which will allow me to express my opinions and bring together my various interests. I have been wanting to have a forum that encompasses all the things that we need to tackle in order to keep us in balance. 


What makes your community THRIVE? 


For example, the government may take away funding to our women’s centres and shelters, but as a community we take on the challenge of fundraising the dollars needed to keep our shelters open. I support the work of volunteers and organizations to get creative to supply the services that a healthy society needs. 


Who helps you THRIVE?


We have been blessed with life. I keep waking up in this physical form. Everything I do is concerned with the health and balance of the people around me. I teach yoga because I love to move my body and it is necessary for me to support my flexible joints through strengthening exercises. I want to extend what I have learned about my body to all the people who are ready to discover what is keeping them stuck and in pain as they walk around out of alignment. I believe that we can all be better aligned and out of pain. 


I do massage because I know that we all need a little help and some need a lot of help to come to a better place. Also because I love bodies: I see the stress in the body and I can feel how to encourage a healthy shift. I have found that using my skills in bodywork to help others is immensely satisfying and fulfilling as a career. I have recently come to realize that the meditative quality of the work is the way that I come to balance my natural enthusiasm for life and the excitement that it brings. When I work with another person in my massage studio I concentrate and focus very hard on bringing freedom to the tissues under my hands. I know that it is of benefit to me, as well as, the person receiving to focus so completely on an area of concern. Together we invite opportunity for the synergy of our energies to create a healing environment.


Who helps you relieve stress and pain? Who helps you find balance?


It is a beautiful life! Now, how can we come together and thrive?


I created because I think that there should be a regional information resource for people who are interested in local, healthy options that make us all thrive. I support non-profit, community-minded, local, healthy, active, artistic, joyful, mindful and thriving activities.


Thrive needs community involvement if it is to serve the community.

Please spread the word about this resource and submit events that you think should be included. Tell me about practitioners or local businesses that make your life healthier or more joyful. Tell me what makes you THRIVE!


Connect * Inspire * Thrive


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Posted by Cady on
Wow, this is in every respect what I nedeed to know.
Posted by Pokey on
Well done article that. I'll make sure to use it wsiley.
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