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War or Peace

May 04, 2011

Well, we have a majority Harper Government.  May Jack Layton hold his feet to the fire, metaphorically, of course! And congratulations to Elizabeth May and the Green Party volunteers. 
The success that I see in my world is the fact that my step son told me today to my face that he voted this morning and I know that my 18 year old niece marked her first X on a ballot. May the young people bring about reasonable change even if we cannot manage to model it.

Thanks to Cheryl for the link to Susan Piver's Blog on the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

War = more War... nothing more        
Only Peace = Peace
For those who need some inspiration: 
Check out this lady!
Thanks to Katie for this one.


Brenda Piquette brings us very interesting information on her science and health related blog. In her latest installment we get a glimpse of Integrated Cancer Care in Vancouver. Click on her logo.

Brenda does her research and points out that the Triangle of Life information that has be circulated lately is controversial. For more on Earthquake preparedness try these links:


Solar Highways (An absolute 'MUST SEE')       

Now this is really "out of the box thinking".
Talk about an interesting idea!   Fascinating concept.

click on link below.


I am looking for contributors to the THRIVE ON THE ISLAND blog. If you would like to write about what makes you THRIVE, then I would like to hear from you.



And remember:


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Hey Kim;
Great information on the website! Thanks for including us.

I have referred a student to you for a massage.Do you have a contact number she might call? I have run out of your cards so I can't pass one onto her.

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