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Things that are better than they used to be…

Nov 20, 2010

Things that are better than they used to be…


As someone who often complains about how the world is falling apart and everything on and in it going downhill, I recently made a resolution to pay attention to the things that are decidedly better now than when I was young. Here are some of them:

  •  Brewed coffee, instead of the dreadful instant we used to drink..


  •  Healthy bread, not the sliced, white, spongy slices we used to eat.


  •  More various types of bread.


  •  Better and more various wine.


  •  Not so many smokers.


  •  Good dental care.


  •  More small cars, and hybrid cars.


  •  People thinking about the planet, about the environment, about what they consume, what they throw out.


  • Ethnic food – we didn’t even have pizza when I was a kid!


  • Virtual contact – Lovers, spouses, families away from each other being able to talk by Skype with video cameras attached. Parents getting email messages from children travelling in remote places.


  • A growing interest in growing food 


  • Community gardens


  • School music programs


  • Backpacks  .


That’s only a few of the good things we have today, so why go on about all the new things I don’t like? I remind myself of the wisdom of W.S. Gilbert, who wrote the words for Arthur Sullivan’s music, and who said:


Life’s a pudding full of plums

Care’s a canker that benumbs

Wherefore waste our elocution

On impossible solutions

Life’s a pleasant institution

Let us take it as it comes.


Carol Matthews


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Posted by Ken on
'Course there are "not so many smokers".
Have you noticed Health Canada's (propaganda) Warnings about how it might make you impotent or get awful teeth and lungs?
I like the one where smoking kills more people than suicide, murder and car accidents combined - mind you - I think if any deceased dies of any cause whatsoever and happens to be a smoker that death will be recorded as being due to smoking.
Personally I have lost a number of friends - some who smoked, many did not.
They are still gone and I'm still smoking.
The only other thing I wonder about in the list is "skyping"
It bothers me along with email, text messaging and cellular phones - Oh and comments like my own.
Good List!
Posted by Carol on
OK, yes, the about the smoking. If my lungs weren't so bad, I'd still smoke too. I do like to hang around smokers and get secondohand smoke. But once you quit, you have to be a bit of a goodygoody about it.
Posted by Maggie on
No question this is the place to get this info, tahkns y'all.
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