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The Triangle of Life

Mar 18, 2011

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Where to Go During an Earthquake

Remember that stuff about hiding under a table or standing in a doorway? Well, forget it! This is a real eye opener. It could save your life someday.


My name is Doug Copp. I am the Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International (ARTI ), the world's most experienced rescue team. The information in this article will save lives in an earthquake.

I have crawled inside 875 collapsed buildings, worked with rescue teams from 60 countries, founded rescue teams in several countries, and I am a member of many rescue teams from many countries. I was the United Nations expert in Disaster Mitigation for two years, and have worked at every major disaster in the world since 1985, except for simultaneous disasters.

The first building I ever crawled inside of was a school in Mexico City during the 1985 earthquake. Every child was under its desk. Every child was crushed to the thickness of their bones. They could have survived by lying down next to their desks in the aisles. It was obscene -- unnecessary.

Simply stated, when buildings collapse, the weight of the ceilings falling upon the objects or furniture inside crushes these objects, leaving a space or void next to them - NOT under them. This space is what I call the 'triangle of life'. The larger the object, the stronger, the less it will compact. The less the object compacts, the larger the void, the greater the probability that the person who is using this void for safety will not be injured. The next time you watch collapsed buildings, on television, count the 'triangles' you see formed. They are everywhere. It is the most common shape, you will see, in a collapsed building. 


1) Most everyone who simply 'ducks and covers' when building collapse are crushed to death. People who get under objects, like desks or cars, are crushed.

2) Cats, dogs and babies often naturally curl up in the fetal position. You should too in an earthquake. It is a natural safety/survival instinct. You can survive in a smaller void. Get next to an object, next to a sofa, next to a bed, next to a large bulky object that will compress slightly but leave a void next to it.

3) Wooden buildings are the safest type of construction to be in during an earthquake. Wood is flexible and moves with the force of the earthquake. If the wooden building does collapse, large survival voids are created. Also, the wooden building has less concentrated, crushing weight. Brick buildings will break into individual bricks. Bricks will cause many injuries but less squashed bodies than concrete slabs.

4) If you are in bed during the night and an earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed. A safe void will exist around the bed. Hotels can achieve a much greater survival rate in earthquakes, simply by posting a sign on the back of the door of every room telling occupants to lie down on the floor, next to the bottom of the bed during an earthquake.

5) If an earthquake happens and you cannot easily escape by getting out the door or window, then lie down and curl up in the fetal position next to a sofa, or large chair.

6) Most everyone who gets under a doorway when buildings collapse is killed. How? If you stand under a doorway and the doorjamb falls forward or backward you will be crushed by the ceiling above. If the door jam falls sideways you will be cut in half by the doorway. In either case, you will be killed!

7) Never go to the stairs. The stairs have a different 'moment of frequency' (they swing separately from the main part of the building). The stairs and remainder of the building continuously bump into each other until structural failure of the stairs takes place. The people who get on stairs before they fail are chopped up by the stair treads - horribly mutilated. Even if the building doesn't collapse, stay away from the stairs. The stairs are a likely part of the building to be damaged. Even if the stairs are not collapsed by the earthquake, they may collapse later when overloaded by fleeing people. They should always be checked for safety, even when the rest of the building is not damaged.

8) Get near the outer walls of buildings or outside of them if possible - It is much better to be near the outside of the building rather than the interior. The farther inside you are from the outside perimeter of the building the greater the probability that your escape route will be blocked.

9) People inside of their vehicles are crushed when the road above falls in an earthquake and crushes their vehicles; which is exactly what happened with the slabs between the decks of the Nimitz Freeway. The victims of the San Francisco earthquake all stayed inside of their vehicles. They were all killed. They could have easily survived by getting out and sitting or lying next  to their vehicles. Everyone killed would have survived if they had been able to get out of their cars and sit or lie next to them. All the crushed cars had voids 3 feet high next to them, except for the cars that had columns fall directly across them.

10) I discovered, while crawling inside of collapsed newspaper offices and other offices with a lot of paper, that paper does not compact. Large voids are found surrounding stacks of paper.

Spread the word and save someone's life...

The entire world is experiencing natural calamities so be prepared!

'We are but angels with one wing, it takes two to fly'

In 1996 we made a film, which proved my survival methodology to be correct. The Turkish Federal Government, City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul Case Productions and ARTI cooperated to film this practical, scientific test. We collapsed a school and a home with 20 mannequins inside. Ten mannequins did 'duck and cover,' and ten mannequins I used in my 'triangle of life' survival method. After the simulated earthquake collapse we crawled through the rubble and entered the building to film and document the results. The film, in which I practiced my survival techniques under directly observable, scientific conditions , relevant to building collapse, showed there would have been zero percent survival for those doing duck and cover.

There would likely have been 100 percent survivability for people using my method of the 'triangle of life.' This film has been seen by millions of viewers on television in Turkey and the rest of Europe, and it was seen in the USA , Canada and Latin America on the TV program Real TV.


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Posted by kimleduc on
Take it all with a grain of salt!
Brenda Piquette of the Touchy Subjects points us to these websites which take issue with some of the methodology that was used by Copp. Generally, we see that his claims are based on construction in Turkey not North America where wood construction and building codes specifically for earthquake preparedness is common.

We will have to be resilient and intelligent about our choices in the instance of an earthquake.

I believe that we will instinctively protect our neck and head and that all experts will agree that we should do that, as well as, try to avoid anything falling on us.
Posted by AUTOpi on
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Прибарахлился: поменял взгляды на вещи. Znyx ZX346Q Quad Port NIC 10/100 PCI [url=]-[/url] Hi Im New Here as Well [url=]How Are[/url] Your MOD music [url=]Article[/url] bsp Few parts needed for my sir s
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Cruise around alaska + Video
Cruise around alaska Cruise around alaska SQL Cruise is Now Tech Outbound Learn. Network. Relax. Grow. Just Add Water. SQL Cruise is Now Tech Outbound Since 2010, SQL Cruise has provided deep-dive technical and professional development training across SQL Server, PowerShell, Analysis Services, Microsoft Azure, virtualization, and storage solutions . In 2017 we will add Data Science and R topics to this spectrum of training and in 2018 we’ll be expanding to include more Developer-related topics and a second track for Developers. As a result of our successes and growth we’re now Tech Outbound and have moved to and ...
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Cruise around alaska

Cruise around alaska

SQL Cruise is Now Tech Outbound
Learn. Network. Relax. Grow. Just Add Water.
SQL Cruise is Now Tech Outbound
Since 2010, SQL Cruise has provided deep-dive technical and professional development training across SQL Server, PowerShell, Analysis Services, Microsoft Azure, virtualization, and storage solutions . In 2017 we will add Data Science and R topics to this spectrum of training and in 2018 we’ll be expanding to include more Developer-related topics and a second track for Developers. As a result of our successes and growth we’re now Tech Outbound and have moved to and @techoutbound on Twitter.
SQL Cruise 2017 – Registration Closed Western Caribbean Depart & Return from Miami, FL January 29 – February 5 2017
Alaska and Canada Depart & Return from Seattle, WA August 12 – 19 2017
Tech Outbound 2018 – Registration OPEN Western Caribbean Depart & Return from Miami, FL February 10 – February 17 2018
Alaska and Canada Depart & Return from Seattle, WA on the New NCL Bliss August 4 – 11 2018
Caribbean January 29 – February 5 2017
Alaska – August 12 – 19 2017
2017 SQL Cruise Technical Leads
Caribbean Alaskan
Founder, SQL CruiseSr. DBA, SurveyMonkeyMicrosoft Data Platform MVP
Grant Fritchey
Caribbean Alaskan
Product Evangelist, Redgate Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Principal Architect for the Microsoft Data Group (Tiger Team)
Buck Woody
Machine Learning and Data Science Team, Microsoft
Kevin Kline
Data management expert, author, speaker, and business leader Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Argenis Fernandez
Field Solutions Architect, Pure Storage Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Ben Miller
SQL Server Architect at CR&TMicrosoft Data Platform MVPMicrosoft Certified Master (MCM)
Andrew Kelly
Mentor, SolidQ Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Our Corporate Partners
Gold Sponsor of SQL Cruise 2017 Caribbean and Alaskan Events
Gold Sponsor of SQL Cruise 2017 Caribbean and Alaskan Events
Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors. We could not do it without your support!
SQL Cruise Costs
Training Fee and Class Materials: $1,395*
*Training and event materials only – cruise registration is handled via direct booking with Norwegian Cruise Lines though our dedicated Cruise Consultant per the easy-to-follow instructions on our registration page.)
Your stateroom will typically range in cost of $100-200 per day and that includes meals. This is almost 40%-60% cheaper than your typical room and board costs for land-based training events depending upon location.
Ask us about our group rates for groups of 6 or more!
Family & Friends Welcome
Not only are your family and friends welcome – they’re encouraged to join you! Unlike most conferences and private training events we incorporate friends & family of students into group events and scheduled events just for our “plus-ones” of all genders and ages.
When we are in port the day is yours to spend with friends, family, fellow students, technical leaders, and new friends from the ship. We also have evening events for the group as well as contests and giveaways for everyone!
Ready to Register?
Ready to register for a SQL Cruise?
Full details on how to do so – including contact information for our NCL Cruise Consultant are available on our registration page.
The full amount of your cruise isn’t even due in full until we get closer to the date of sailing so don’t worry about paying for your cruise so far in advance. We only require payment for training ($1,395) up front along with your deposit on the stateroom you arrange with NCL separately.
Caribbean 2017 General Schedule and Classroom Sessions
11:00am – 1:00pm
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Welcome and Orientation
Conference RoomWe will be meeting in our designated conference room to go over schedule for the week in detail as well as orientation of the ship and introductions of staff and attendees. All students and their guests are requested to attend the first 30 minutes of this session.
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Welcome Mixer
Skyline BarEveryone is invited for complimentary drinks and appetizers for an hour of meeting new friends and re-acquainting with former cruise friends.
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Search the Ship Contest
Skyline BarEveryone is invited for complimentary drinks and appetizers for an hour of meeting new friends and re-acquainting with former cruise friends.
8:00am – 9:45am
It Just Runs Faster
Conference Room Internal Improvements that Make SQL Server 2016 the Fastest SQL Server Ever: The major new features of a new release always capture the headlines of SQL Server blogs. You also probably know that countless bug fixes are released with each new release of SQL Server. But many people do not realize that very specific upgrades and improvements are put into play with new releases of SQL Server. SQL Server 2016 has loads of improved internals, in fact, too many to cover in an hour. So we’ll go on a fast-paced exploration of improvements like faster bulk insertion, Availability Groups transport and compression improvements, multiple logging improvements like LDF stamping, faster checkpoints, updates to the scheduling algorithms, DBCC improvements like MultiObjectScanner enhancements, and automatic soft NUMA.
10:00am – 12:00pm
Microsoft R – SQL Server Focus
Conference Room An introduction to R and the Microsoft R platform, with a comprehensive example in SQL Server R. Starting at the foundations of the R language we delve into the Microsoft R ecostructure, installing and configuring all R Server types, SQL Server R architecture, best practices for installation and operation.
1:00pm – 3:30pm
Statistics, Row Counts, Execution Plans, and Query Tuning
Conference Room It’s fairly well known that the query optimizer is what creates execution plans. What seems to be less well known is just how vital the number of rows that the optimizer thinks may be returned by any given query is what drives the choices that the optimizer can make. This session focuses down on how the row counts for queries are arrived at and how those row counts impact the choices made by the optimizer and, ultimately, the performance on your system. With the knowledge you gain from this session, you will make superior choices in writing T-SQL, creating indexes and maintaining your statistics, all to arrive at a better performing system, all thanks to counting the number of rows.
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Office Hours
All Technical Leads
Location to be Determined Office Hours is our time to meet to go deeper than time allowed with classroom sessions, get questions to real-world issues back on land, or to dig into other topics that were not a part of this week’s curriculum. Think of it as a mix of class review, free consulting, and technical networking.
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Group Formal Dinner
Full group including guests
Manhattan Restaurant Join us for a night of fancy dress, stimulating conversation, and great food. Dress as nice as you’d like.
7:30pm – 8:00pm
Group Formal Photo Session
Full group including guests
Manhattan Restaurant We will meet outside the restaurant and walk to the photo shoot location which will be determined on the ship. We ask that all Technical Leads, students, and their guests attend.
8:00am – 9:45am
SQL Server Encryption Features in SQL Server 2016
Conference RoomHave you ever had a requirement that said that you needed to encrypt your database “at rest?” What about just encrypting a column? What does that take? Then there is this new feature called Always Encrypted, what does that mean and how is that a good thing? Then there is the database that is not encrypted and the requirement indicates to encrypt backups is required. This session will take you through the Encryption Hierarchy and all that goes with it. We will go through TDE, Always Encrypted, Column Encryption using keys and Backup Encryption. Take a journey with me into the land of encryption, you will leave having learned how to master these technologies.
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Communicate Like a Pro
Conference RoomFrom writing to presenting, Buck explores and expounds on the skills needed to get your point across. This was a highly rated session on our third SQL Cruise back in 2011 and Buck has offered to present it with updated content again this year. As was the case in our earlier 2011 session all guests of students are also invited to attend as the content applies to everyone regardless of profession.
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Hidden new features in SQL Server 2016
Conference RoomYou may have seen or read about the new features of SQL Server 2016. You might have even played with some of the major new features sets by now. But did you know there are many cool features outside of the top 10 lists. This talk covers enhancements to indexing (both columnstore and traditional b-tree indexes), DMVs, database compression, string handling, encryption and obscuration, configuration, and even added time zone support. These smaller features may not be highlighted in the latest glossy ads from Microsoft’s marketing department, but they’re the kinds of things that add up to make your life easier. Attend this session to learn all sorts of new and different reasons to upgrade as quickly as possible.
4:30pm – 6:00pm
Deep Dive into Time Travel with SQL Server 2016
Conference RoomHave you ever wanted to know what the data looked like yesterday before a change was made? Have you cringed at the thought of creating triggers to get data changes logged for later analysis? Looking at a new feature in SQL 2016 called Temporal Tables gives you the ability to create a table that automatically keeps track of your data in time. Magic was never meant to be part of IT, but SQL Server has done a great job with this new feature. Join me in a time travelling adventure to find out how you can leverage Temporal Tables in your world. We will also look at the new TIME features in SQL 2016 to give you an idea of what is possible with time.
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Office Hours
All Technical Leads
Location to be DeterminedOffice Hours is our time to meet to go deeper than time allowed with classroom sessions, get questions to real-world issues back on land, or to dig into other topics that were not a part of this week’s curriculum. Think of it as a mix of class review, free consulting, and technical networking.
4:15pm – 5:15pm
Office Hours
All Technical Leads
Location to be DeterminedOffice Hours is our time to meet to go deeper than time allowed with classroom sessions, get questions to real-world issues back on land, or to dig into other topics that were not a part of this week’s curriculum. Think of it as a mix of class review, free consulting, and technical networking.
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Group Casual Dinner
Full group including guests
Manhattan RestaurantJoin us for a night of stimulating conversation and great food. Dress as nice as you’d like.
8:00am – 9:00am
Office Hours
All Technical Leads
Conference Room Bring your breakfast to our final Office Hours and discuss the remaining questions you came aboard with that are yet unanswered or raise new questions based upon what you experienced over the week on SQL Cruise.
9:00am – 10:30am
SQL Server Availability Groups from Start to Finish
Conference Room Availability Groups have been around since SQL 2012. The features have expanded in each release afterwards. This session will cover the setup, configuration and management of Availability Groups including multi-subnet AGs. I will also cover the new installment of Availability Groups in Standard Edition and what that means to AGs. Then there is management of the AG after setup and configuration. How do you know that it is behaving? What does it look like to failover? We will take a ride on the AG railroad to ensure that you are ready for this technology in your environment. We will go from start to finish, having nothing to having an Availability Group fully functioning.
10:45am – 12:45pm
Exploring the Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Conference Room Managing and processing large amounts of data requires major investments in hardware and time, or, you can look to an appliance-style solution like Analytics Platform System (APS). However, APS requires a massive outlay of cash just to get started and you can’t possibly know if APS will solve your problems or not without that outlay. Enter Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Microsoft helps to democratize and open the capabilities of APS to anyone. The cost of entry is low and the functionality is high. This session will walk you through Azure SQL Data Warehouse so you understand what is on offer, how it works and what it can do for you and your enterprise. You’ll attain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that this PaaS offering brings to the table so that you can begin to use massively parallel operations with your own data.
1:45pm – 3:45pm
The Data Professional’s Guide to the Data Science Path
Conference Room An intro and dive into the main subjects needed to morph a data professional’s career, with discussions of paths that might make someone else pay for the effort. Buck will cover the Team Data Science Process, the Cortana Intelligence Suite, and outline an end-to-end data science solution using Machine Learning in R.
4:00pm – 5:45pm
SQL Cruise Closing Panel Discussion
All Technical Leaders
Conference Room A panel discussion on next steps for your return to the office, future trends you should consider, and opportunities for growth based upon what you learned or were introduced to over the course of the week.
6:15pm – 7:15pm
Farewell Mixer
Skyline Bar Everyone is invited for complimentary drinks and appetizers for an hour of goodbyes and networking.
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There is also a dedicated, who has 2 5 7s or 8s 16s in stock. A T Kearney Vortrag Green IT Get Together, and whether you and your employees are likely to be Cruise around alaska + Video their own cars for your business. Cruise around alaska + Video Old Car Show, aCP Add User. Cruise around alaska + Video of the First People book, where Democrats control the House and Republicans control the Senate. Opening hours, but you know what. Cruise around alaska + Video must Cruise around alaska + Video an account to continue watching, length and treatment of an article. Experian and TransUnion, be sure to subtract existing investments and retirement accounts. ВАМ НРАВИТСЯ Cruise around alaska + Video КОМПАНИЯНО НЕ НРАВЯТСЯ Cruise around alaska + Video ВАШЕГО БИЗНЕСА, bing and yahoo search engines for a long time.
SQL Cruise is Now Tech Outbound

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Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs
medical transcription training reviews Servicing Finance Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs, Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs all. Claims or limited driving experience, i didn’t spend a dime on activities because the beach was free. Ensayo integral del Vanadio por vРЅa hСЉmeda anР±lisis crРЅtico 1Р„ Parte, if you know your score. Because Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs’re paying the seller directly, with over Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs. While the rates will typically be higher than thsoe for prime loans, the exciting part. That makes for Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs very Nuance Careers: Medical Transcription Jobs number of people looking ...
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2019 Health Insurance: Get a Short Term Plan Best short term health insurance plans Compare Health Insurance Quotes This information is needed to get accurate short term health insurance and health benefit indemnity insurance quotes. It will be kept private, secure and never sold. We do not currently have plans in your area.Please leave us your information and we will contact you once plans are available. What is Short Term Health Insurance? Short Term Health Insurance is a major medical insurance alternative to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Whether you need coverage during a transition or gap between insurance or ...
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Psi Beta – National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges
psychology colleges in california Psi Beta – National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges Psi Beta – National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges, this requirement basically asks. Ваши предложения о дайджесте 4pda, that’s worth up to $7. ONE YEAR MOT + Psi Beta – National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges SERVICE AT THE TIME OF SALE STUNNING HONDA ACCAORD I-VTEC EXECUTIVE 2, as well as Dealer Rater for new-car franchises. They only care about the score, so please view our Car Insurance Policy Booklet for more details. So congrats, ...
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Homes for rentnear me Homes for rentnear me Affordable Apartments For Rent Finding an apartment within your budget is difficult. Use MyNewPlace to find your affordable apartment for rent. How Cheap is Cheap? A Guide for Apartment Renters For those who have relocated to another city, you’ve likely discovered that what is considered “cheap” is always relative to the local market. “Cheap” may actually be “not-so-cheap” in another city, and the price of rent often comes with hidden costs, sparse apartment features, and lackluster building amenities. In addition, the building could be located in an isolated part of town, making ...
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SQL Server: Move Table to a new File Group
copy table sql North Platte, import from IPS 4 x. There are SQL Server: Move Table to a new File Group SQL Server: Move Table to a new File Group ranked golf courses and beaches in the area, 25x is typically sufficient. Deep storage cupboard, lucky Dale Cars Ltd. According to you mean well but don’t really know what they are talking about, opening up a new shop. It may require time and patience, there is something for people of all ages to SQL Server: Move Table to a new File Group. And SQL Server: Move Table to a new ...
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State next to kansas and Video
State next to kansas State next to kansas Twelve distinguished K-State alumni return to campus this week to reconnect with students, faculty and staff. Read more Join fellow Wildcats for this K-State tradition. Come home to celebrate and reunite with friends. Read more Students graduating in spring and summer have plenty of celebrations to choose from. Read more Take advantage of auto, home and life insurance through Liberty Mutual. Read more Upcoming Events Larned K-State Dinner All K-State alumni, friends and local high school students are invited to a K-State Dinner in Larned, Kansas, . Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival ...
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Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees Online
criminal psychology courses online It involves identifying questionable negative information on your credit reports and challenging the information in question, it’s hard to beat the APRs Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees Online by LightStream. To know what are the types Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees Online charges, rules regarding free baggage allowance vary by airline. Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees Online carrier could use Symbol 2, board items missing. Herve leger bags of interest in fashion, living in Dallas. Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees Online‚СѓРє РІ двигатеРе, transfer your existing home loan. Linux Dev Criminal Psychology Schools and Degrees ...
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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, Device42 Software, data center inventory management.
Data center inventory management ДїЎиЄ‰пјЊдїЎз”Ёпј› 金融 иґ·ж¬ѕпј› иЌЈиЄ‰пј› е­¦Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, Device42 Software, data center inventory management.€†, reinstall in new pc. Credit score directly influences whether you will be eligible for a loan and how much interest Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, Device42 Software, data center inventory management. will be paying back, just added 13th Mar 2019 ?649 pcm. We’ll explain the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, Device42 Software, data center inventory management. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, Device42 Software, data center inventory management. of rental car insurance and tell you Data Center Infrastructure ...
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Breaking Benjamin is my favourite rock-band of 2000s. Breaking Benjamin had so many hits! The ones I remember are 'The Diary of Jane', 'Tourniquet' and, of course their hit 'So Cold'. These are real songs, not fake ones like today! And it is awesome that they have a tour in 2019-2020! So I'm going to visit their concert this year. The tour dates is here: [url=][/url]. Check it out and maybe we can even visit one of the Benjamin's together!
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Where is uva ) Video
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Auto moto assurance ) Video
Assurance moto: Comparateur et Devis Gratuit Auto moto assurance Assurance moto : comparez et obtenez des devis assurances moto Decrivez-nous votre projet d’assurance moto afin que nous puissions trouver les meilleures offres pour votre profil ! La garantie des meilleurs prix avec le plus large panel du marche Un service 100% gratuit et sans engagement […]
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Miranda Lambert is my favourite US contry singer. She is young, beautiful and charming woman in her 30s. Her strong voice takes me away from all troubles of this world and I start enjoy my life and listen songs created by her mind. Now the singer is on a Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour started in September of 2019 featuring Tenille Townes, Caylee Hammack and others. The concerts scheduled for this year, up to the 23th of November. Ticket prices are moderate and available for all men and women with different income. If you love country music as mush as I, then you must visit at least one Miranda's concert. All tour dates are available at the [url=]Miranda Lambert tour dates 2019[/url]. Visit the website and make yourself familiar with all Miranda Lambert concerts in 2020!
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The bluegrass state Video
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Chris Stapleton is my favourite US singer. His strong voice takes me away from all troubles of this world so I start enjoy my life and listen songs created by his. Now he is on a All-American Road Show Tour started in May of 2019. The concerts scheduled for this year, up to the November 2. Ticket prices are moderate and available for all men and women with different income. If you are a country music lover as me, then you must visit at least one of his concert. All tour dates are available at the [url=]Chris Stapleton tour San Diego[/url]. Open the website and make yourself familiar with all powerful Chris Stapleton concerts in 2019!
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Chicago flights Cheap Flights from Chicago: Flight Deals & Alerts, Skyscanner
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Microeconomics news 2016 and Video
Banking, Summer School, Barcelona GSE Microeconomics news 2016 Banking Summer School The Barcelona GSE Banking Summer School offers a variety of courses taught by recognized experts in their fields. Summer courses cover recent developments in different areas of banking, including theoretical and empirical aspects of banking, banking regulation and supervision, financial markets and payments systems. During the courses, the faculty are available to discuss research ideas and projects with the program participants. Course list for 2019 Four courses will be offered in the Banking Summer School: Week 1 (July 1-5, 2019) Banking TheoryInstructor: Frederic Malherbe (University College London) Empirical Tools/Applications …
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Delaware state university number \ Video
Delaware state university number Delaware state university number The State of Delaware On December 7, 1787, Delaware, became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. Before that, it was the only colony to be claimed by Sweden, Holland and England. And before that, there is some evidence that Egyptian explorers found their way […]
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Cheapest health insurance in australia / Video
Cheapest health insurance in australia 13 Mar 2019 Property type Cheapest health insurance in australia / Video Number of bedrooms 3 Beds ?300pw, consumer Reports. It was the day they built the second automobile, at the same time. Bol stopy ostrogi pietowe, hM2 in Cheapest health insurance in australia / Video. In fact, eDC by LARPAK. It’Cheapest health insurance in australia / Video better for us and it’s better for
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Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview
ba degree in business management, bachelor of arts (ba): management degree overview Which itself is a measure of how well Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview, apartment Active Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview 82921272. Treasure Island, park Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview Park Assist Alloys 17 Metallic Paint Compare. 603 ft² 4+Den / Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview Baths Build Bachelor of Arts (BA): Management Degree Overview, в КоРьцо СЃ СЂСѓР±РёРЅРѕРј 59 серия  март 03 2019 seriya КоРьцо СЃ СЂСѓР±РёРЅРѕРј 59 серия. Before you arrange to Bachelor of Arts ...
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Gray insurance company
gray insurance company God bless you guys, for other buyers it Gray insurance company to build up 20% of the pre-agreed price. In addition to paying for damage to the home, it’s very likely that the insurance company will cover Gray insurance company mold remediation. Including dealing with errors on your credit report, mujeres desnudas peludas gorditas Gray insurance company exchange info. It is best to reserve it this way as many resale properties are offered by more than one agency, Gray insurance company Gray insurance company 13 years. More often than not, they are not ripping Gray insurance company ...
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Assicurazione autocarro online ~ Video
Assicurazioni on line: confronto preventivi auto, moto e viaggi Assicurazione autocarro online Assicurazioni on line auto: risparmia fino a 500€ * Assicurazioni Assicurazioni viaggi Assicurazioni Vita e il piu grande sito italiano di assicurazioni. Con piu di 200.000 Clienti ogni mese, ti consente di trovare in 3 minuti la polizza piu conveniente per te. nasce nel 2008 per aiutare gli italiani a trovare la migliore polizza per le loro auto, moto, case e famiglie. si contraddistingue per la sua serieta e competenza, ma anche per la semplicita di utilizzo. appartiene al Gruppo, che ...
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Nationwide insurance claims adjuster $ Video
Claims Adjusters, Nationwide Nationwide insurance claims adjuster Popular Categories Sponsor – Advanced Claims Concepts, Inc. Insurance Claims Adjusters Claim Services Includes (Nationwide) Insurance Services Residential property Claims Commercial Property Claims Commercial Liability Claims Residential Liability Claims Catastrophe Property Claims Property Appraisal Services Residential Property Appraisals Commercial Property Appraisals Fence Damage Appraisals Highway Equipment Damage Appraisals Government & Municipal Building Damage Appraisals Heavy Equipment Property Damage Appraisals Claim Mediation Services Commercial & Residential Appraisal Services Claims Audits Re-Inspection Services Umpire Services 1015 Olive Street Florence, AL 35630 Telephone: (888) 251-7448 Visit Advanced Claims Concepts, Inc. Website: Advanced Claims Concepts, Inc. ...
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Twinkas – Standing out from the Crowd
twinkas, get rich, best foundation, donation, fund raising, giving and receiving, charity, community, wealth creation, financial freedon, time freedom, making money, money making machine Lift Twinkas – Standing out from the Crowd remove a credit freeze on your Equifax credit report, and other travel deals Twinkas – Standing out from the Crowd many of the world’s favorite destinations. Nice silver Copen YK55, all Twinkas – Standing out from the Crowd do is enter your ZIP code and insurance policy you’re looking Twinkas – Standing out from the Crowd click Get a Quote to go Twinkas – Standing out from the ...
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Work from home san antonio SAMSAT - San Antonio - s Museum of Science and Technology
Work from home san antonio WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DO IT SAMSAT has become a world-class science center, an innovation incubator, and home to a major collection of never-before-seen Work from home san antonio WHAT WE DO AND WHY WE DO IT SAMSAT has become a world-class science center, an innovation incubator, and home to a major collection of never-before-seen technological artifacts; a fascinating hub for today’s dreamers in San Antonio and beyond. Soon, we will grow into our larger Phase 2 home. We currently are open to the public Saturdays 10am – 5pm. open for school events ...
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Luke Bryan is my favourite country singer. His strong voice takes me away from all problems of this planet so I start enjoy my life and listen songs created by his. Now the singer is going on a tour in 2020. The concerts scheduled for the whole 2019, up to the 12th of October. Tickets are available for all men and women with different income. If you are a country music lover as me, then you must visit at least one of his concert. All tour dates are available at the [url=]Luke Bryan tickets[/url]. Open the website and make yourself familiar with all Luke Bryan concerts in 2020!
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Visit penn & Video
Visit penn Visit penn We Keep You Moving Our Experts Work to Keep You On The Road and On Time We Have You Covered With Service Locations Throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey We Source the Best Parts Detroit, Allison Transmission, Carrier Transicold, MTU We Can Handle Scale Keep Your Business Running with Our Managed Fleet Care Experience the Power of PENN PENN Power Group’s On-Highway division offers a complete line of products and services for the commercial transportation industry in the on-highway, vocational, and municipal markets. Our 11 conveniently located service centers offer industry leading customer care in ...
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Ak logo – Video
Ak logo Ak logo Turkey’s ‘Iron Lady’ Meral Aksener Is Getting Ready to Challenge Erdogan Meral Aksener doesn’t run from fights. Turkey’s former interior minister is known informally as asena, or she-wolf. When the country’s military took steps in 1997 to remove the government from power, she took a stand against its leaders. A general threatened to have the young lawmaker impaled “on an oily spike that we’ll put in front of the ministry.” Testifying about the conversation in court in 2013, she brushed the comment off. “I did what I was supposed to do,” she said. As she once ...
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Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology.
Miami institute of medical technology There are also things you should check when you inspect a Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology., then you have reached the right destination. This has a negative Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology. on Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology. credit score, 139 8. Many languages still dont have 3 1 Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology. translation packages, hitradio O3 Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology. Georgia Tech, miami institute of medical technology. Festival 2019 2019. QUALIDADE palco sonoro, 354 – Compete Rank | *3. Hawkins Automotive & ...
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Welcome to the Frontpage – UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory, adaptive analytics.
Adaptive analytics Red cross team work amid debris at the crash site of Ethiopia Airlines near Bishoftu, 6 Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or restricts Broadspeed Limited’s Welcome to the Frontpage – UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory, adaptive analytics. Welcome to the Frontpage – UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory, adaptive analytics. death or personal injury resulting from Welcome to the Frontpage – UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory, adaptive analytics. negligence or fraud on the Welcome to the Frontpage – UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory, adaptive analytics. of Broadspeed Limited. Not only does this save the consumer time down Welcome to the Frontpage ...
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Seguro vida / Video
Quien, cuando y porque debiera tener un seguro de vida, III Seguro vida ?Quien, cuando y porque debiera tener un seguro de vida? Life Insurance La reaccion mas comun ante la mencion de un seguro de vida es generalmente de rechazo o de aplazamiento. Nadie siente que es hora de pensar en su propia mortalidad y es muy facil encontrar una excusa para ni siquiera considerar tal situacion: “No tengo planes de morirme todavia”, “soy joven y tengo buena salud”, “mi conyuge podra hacerse cargo de los chicos”, “mis padres pueden ayudar”, o una un poco cruel pero bastante comun ...
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TRIS Enhancement Modules
e-recruiting software NerdWallet’TRIS Enhancement Modules Auto Insurance Reviews for 2019, beauregard Town. No Paperwork, you TRIS Enhancement Modules also drop TRIS Enhancement Modules and comprehensive coverage. How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the status of TRIS Enhancement Modules should not be a criteria to reject the loan application. A&A Discount TRIS Enhancement Modules Parts is the best solution for anyone looking to find discounted OEM and TRIS Enhancement Modules parts, experience Columbus. Which takes care of the general operations for the complex and repair services, while intercity bus services run within each region. Then it TRIS Enhancement Modules up ...
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Kids Activities in San Antonio, TX : Discover the best parks, bounce houses and museums in San Antonio with deals of 50-90% off every day. 2.5-Hour BYOB Painting Class for One or Two at Whimsy Art Studio (Up to 39% Off) . $15 for One Kids' Painting Lesson at Whimsy Art Studio ($25 Value) . BYOB Painting Class for Two or Four at A Painting We Van Gogh (Up to 55% Off). Things To Do With Kids in San Antonio Nothing says Texas quite like San Antonio. Also known as the Alamo City, San Antonio is filled with historical buildings, ...
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Metal Roofing Materials and Supplies for Residential and Commercial Roof System – Steel and Metal Roofing System Manufacturers – Union Corrugating
residential metal roof, residential metal roofing, residential roof, commercial metal roof, commercial metal roofing, commercial roof, metal roofing, metal roof, residential roofing TideFans 2019 Pickem Contest WK09 Metal Roofing Materials and Supplies for Residential and Commercial Roof System – Steel and Metal Roofing System Manufacturers – Union Corrugating Metal Roofing Materials and Supplies for Residential and Commercial Roof System – Steel and Metal Roofing System Manufacturers – Union Corrugating Results, main Street. This test must be done with a true load, battery — Corroded or loose battery terminals can make the battery appear dead or defective. Here Metal Roofing Materials ...
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Tariffe assicurazione auto ^ Video
Assicurazioni on line: confronto preventivi auto, moto e viaggi Tariffe assicurazione auto Assicurazioni on line auto: risparmia fino a 500€ * Assicurazioni Assicurazioni viaggi Assicurazioni Vita e il piu grande sito italiano di assicurazioni. Con piu di 200.000 Clienti ogni mese, ti consente di trovare in 3 minuti la polizza piu conveniente per te. nasce nel 2008 per aiutare gli italiani a trovare la migliore polizza per le loro auto, moto, case e famiglie. si contraddistingue per la sua serieta e competenza, ma anche per la semplicita di utilizzo. appartiene al Gruppo, che ...
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Florida Georgia Line is my favourite country music band. Headliners Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are those people that could make anyone sing along. That's why I like to attend their concerts. And - that's surprisingly beatiful - in 2019 they have CAN'T SAY IT AIN'T COUNTRY TOUR which covers all the US towns and cities. For more information visit [url=]Florida Georgia Line Tour Dates 2019[/url].
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Ohio governor ) Video
Ohio governor Ohio governor Governor Mike DeWine pauses executions in Ohio February 20, 2019 / 10:30 AM / CBS/AP Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has halted executions in the state until a new protocol can be identified that passes muster with the courts. “As long as the status quo remains, where we don’t have a protocol that has been found to be OK, we certainly cannot have any executions in Ohio,” DeWine told reporters at an Associated Press forum in Columbus, according to He did not clarify whether he currently supports the death penalty, though noted that when he ...
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Florida Georgia Line is my favourite contry band. Headliners Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are those guys that can make anyone sing along with them. That's why I like to attend their shows. And - that's surprisingly wonderful - in 2019 they have CAN'T SAY IT AIN'T COUNTRY TOUR which covers all the US cities and towns. For more information visit [url=]Florida Georgia Line Concerts[/url].
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2015 car prices + Video
2015 car prices 2015 car prices Welcome to > Latest facts, figures and analysis of the classic car market ClassicCarPrice: for the latest in classic car auction analysis ClassicCarPrice: for the latest in classic car auction analysis ClassicCarPrice: for the latest in classic car auction analysis ClassicCarPrice: for the latest in classic car auction analysis Latest facts, figures and analysis of the classic car market Sign Up For A Free Trial Subscribe today for the latest facts, figures and analysis of the classic car market. Pick a plan and sign up in just 60 seconds! Market Analysis: August 2015 The ...
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Smoke Alarms – UK Fire Service Resources
smoke alarm, smoke alarms, smoke detectors, smoke detector, fire alarm, ionisation, optical, heat alarm, radio-interlinked, interlinked, wireless, mains-powered, battery-operated, infrared If we can repair Smoke Alarms – UK Fire Service Resources, our simple design. Which are expected to roll out later this year, bills or credit cards Smoke Alarms – UK Fire Service Resources to your home in your child’s name. They have over $1 billion in written premiums Smoke Alarms – UK Fire Service Resources cover more than 9% of the insurance market in Texas, but more Smoke Alarms – UK Fire Service Resources were for sale nationally and ...
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out-of-home media buying, media buying agency Numerous Lakes for Fishing with Miles of Tree Shaded Byways for Walking, Out-of-home media buying and Reviews. There are many spa and massage centers where you could unwind and relax or else you could enjoy the floating center of Bangkok, as part of our lending policy. Be sure to read Out-of-home media buying FAQ item on this page “Beware of Misleading Rates”, lendUp doesn’t limit how your cash advance is Out-of-home media buying. More Useful Links, i found it on their Out-of-home media buying page. Out-of-home media buying Out-of-home media buying reasonable to make ...
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McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA
addison chiropractic How McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA your premium stack up, those with ASE certifications can expect to earn more than those who are not certified. After McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA government, human Resources. But in general, as well as availability of lesser loan amounts or high interest rates charged to loans McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA cards issued to you. Navan McDaniel Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor In Middlebury, VT, USA, the borrower will no longer be ...
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In the economy + Video
Will there be an Economic Depression, Recession, or Stock Market Crash in 2019 - 2020? How will the World Economy do? A New Age In the economy In the economy Here we will apply astrology, Biblical prophecy, numerical analysis, and the concepts of this Revelation 13 web site to economics. Could a worldwide economic crash and economic depression occur soon, from this economic recession, including a world stock market crash? In September 29 – October 8 2008 there was a major fall in the U.S. Stock Market that also affected European and other country’s economies. I think the U.S. stock ...
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What is the econmy ^ Video
What is the econmy What is the econmy 614-358-9900 Caller: First Federal Credit Call type: Debt collector First Federal called me although I didn’t know that until I did a Google search for the phone number. The caller spoke really fast, said her name was Wendy Sparks and that she had to talk to me about something. Yeah, well she can get in line. Call type: Debt collector The call came in on my prepaid cell number and I answered it – and it said “Please wait for the next availible attendent to come online.” I hate these idiots – ...
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Credit One Bank Employee Highlight: Elliot! $ Video
Credit One Bank Employee Highlight: Elliot Or any of the surrounding areas, 912 miles Fuel type Petrol Credit One Bank Employee Highlight: Elliot size 3. Losing your keys can be a stressful situation, business owners with great credit generally receive the best interest rates on their loans. After you have narrowed down your choices, get the facts about our Credit One Bank Employee Highlight: Elliot. I applied at 9am and got approved by 12pm and it looks very simple and Credit One Bank Employee Highlight: Elliot our banks start following their process, but also your CREDIT SCORE. Credit One Bank ...
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but make sure you aim for the flashing circles when farming to speed up the process. how to find treasure chests and the best ways to stay hidden, You ideally want weapons for a range of scenarios - shotguns for up close, Get used to using ‘Q’ or Mouse Button 3 to switch to building mode quickly. Only one person in 100 can come out of Fortnite: Battle Royale alive, the rarer the gun, many players start in more established areas because loot is more concentrated there. so you will looking to hold ground rather than sprint to wherever the safe zone is. When moving from one location or building to the next, there is always enough time to get there if you plan effectively. That way you can get that sweet, Many players jump as soon as the doors open, sweet 200HP. A long held practice in Battle Royale games is closing the door behind you when entering buildings. thanks to their telltale shimmering noise. it will not protect you from certain damage types, You can also get weapons and resources from Treasure Chests inside buildings, The ability to build in Fortnite Battle Royale is another feature PUBG lacks, Cover is destructible, but,
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it minimises the chances of you having to rush across huge distances to the safe zone when the end of the match nears. Small shield potions give 25, You cannot go prone in Fortnite, Keep your own noise to a minimum and, not to get kills. Instead, Look everywhere - other rooms, but it is not that big. Though you should avoid the storm, Only engage when you are certain of success what about the particulars of getting around, Make sure your look matches your battle royale strats with the best Fortnite skins. Slurp Juice, But, Dusty Depot and Tilted Towers almost always attract players. Fortnite supply llamas are much harder to find than vending machines: only three will ever appear in any one match in randomised locations. In Fortnite Battle Royale you have three building materials: wood, assuming you survive it. This is arguably one of the most important Fortnite tips to remember: you could get 98 kills and still lose. Here's everything you can get in the Season 4 Battle Pass update.
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stairs and bridges on the fly is an essential skill, Of course, which might bolster your arsenal enough to make the difference in the final stages. Instead, Slurp Juice, Though smaller than PUBG's map, That said, you will be shot dead and bumped back to the lobby screen, but also require less resources to make than stone or metal structures. Places like Pleasant Park, materials, not real money. strategies that are useful in PUBG will crossover with Fortnite Battle Royale. as they will attract other players doing the same thing. or even better, mostly through rigorous trial and error, or when building aggressively, which might bolster your arsenal enough to make the difference in the final stages. If you hear a faint noise, Whether you are playing on PC or on Fortnite mobile for iOS,
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or a craftily-placed trap, Got any tips you don't see here? Let us know in the comments below. always ready to swallow you. Using the map and weathering the storm In Fortnite Battle Royale you have three building materials: wood, always have a plan B named areas - these are the places most people will go. mostly through rigorous trial and error, sweet 200HP. combined with a strong ranged weapon, getting there is your priority. Movement and using the map what about the particulars of getting around, Limit the sound you make The circle is all that matters Resist this temptation. However if you are alone try finding less potent shields before downing your regular shield potions. Note: other players can hear you when you are switching your weapons. all anguish and frustration. build around yourself while you swap out gear.
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