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The "One Step at a Time" workshop

May 11, 2013


I cannot believe how glorious the weather was for the weekend of May 3-5, 2013 for Diane Bruni’s second workshop at Yoga Weyr.  It wasn’t just the weather which caused such a feeling of joy. Diane is doing yoga differently than any other teacher in the world. Of course, her unique background at her studio, Downward Dog in Toronto, her personal practice and her injuries and health challenges, as well as many other factors, have shaped her into a teacher who pushes the edges of many diverse modalities. She isn’t afraid or stuck or limiting herself or her teaching; she is discovering something new and very authentic. 
I feel great (muscle sore in a few places but great). What I came away with was an energized, relaxed body and a feeling of joy and happiness. Maybe it helped that the afternoon sessions were dedicated to loosinging up the fascia (fluid filled, spider-weblike connective tissue) in the body through bodywork, rolling, tapping and relaxing.  The instructions and movements were not typical of any yoga style I have tried before, but when I applied these new techniques to the familiar asana, I found new insights into stability and fluidity in my poses. fasciaenergy.jpg
Diane questions the dominant modus operandi of current yoga culture. She takes pieces from Crossfit Training, Improv dance, Bodywork, the movement analysis of the Axis Syllabus, Pilates and comportment training, to name a few. By exploring and analyzing how the various techniques work with her own body mechanics, she applies whatever works to her own practice. I see these explorations as the true essence of yoga, a self inquiry.
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