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The Lake Clinic - KIDS Update

Feb 24, 2011

Dear Friends,

We hope all is well with you and yours. We have now been back in Siem Reap for just over a week and it is nice to be home in our little apartment. We wanted to tell you that thanks to the wonderful and generous contributions we have received we are able to give some great support to The Lake Clinic ( As you know we have been involved with The Lake Clinic since its beginnings four years ago.


John Morgan, who used to be the director of Angkor Hospital for Children, started the floating clinic up for those living in very isolated areas on the Tonle Sap Lake.  Jon’s vision became a reality when he received funding from Impact, Norway and KIDS has been supporting the project ever since with an engine, GPS and funding for their Village Health Volunteers. We have had the privilege to go out with the medical team for several days and observe their incredible work. This floating clinic, which is not big, has a Cambodian doctor, nurse and mid wife and a great young woman who is the pilot of the ship. Each week they travel out to various villages that have no access to any form of health care. For four days a week the team brings relief, education and treatment to hundreds of people. The conditions are not easy as the boat is small (it is sometimes called The Charming Duckling) and they have to use schools and other platforms to see their patients. The people start arriving from long distances in a wide variety of wooden boats. Watching this dedicated team work in these conditions is very inspiring. Week in and week out they travel in all sorts of weather, including the rainy season, they often sleep on the top of the boat or on the school platforms as it is cooler, especially when the temperature hits 35 plus.


 Although The Lake Clinic has received some ongoing funding for the next four years they are still in need of additional funds so that they can continue and expand their great work. We are happy to say that K.I.D.S. will be able to sponsor both the doctor and midwife’s salaries for one year. We also know that thanks to this donation the Lake Clinic will be able to provide greater services to a wider population. Ideally it would be terrific to have a stationary clinic with a private examining room, a place for small surgeries and some living quarters for the team and volunteers; perhaps this is something we can help with in the future but for now Jon and the staff are very happy to have this support and send their appreciation. Without The Lake Clinic children would certainly die, people would suffer and babies and mothers would have no support. In an area where the average life span is 55 and one in 12 children die under the age of 5, this project is a gift of health and life to the people and children of the Lake. Thank you for making this possible.

We would also like to thank all of you that wrote for your kind words of support. We will send more updates in the next two weeks and then we will be heading for home.

All the best,

Adrianne and Rick


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