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The Fawn Lily is Blooming

Apr 12, 2011

One day in the winter, while walking my dog in Bowen Park, I spent some time clearing encroaching ivy from the underbrush along the Millstone River. Yesterday I was noticing that the fawn lilies are blooming and that one was able to unravel it’s head in the very patch that I had cleared. There is a sense of satisfaction in the rearrangement of the physical environment that is unequalled by anything else in this world. May we keep our actions aligned with our values.



Spring has sprung and much of the flora on the coast here is flushing out. May you be blessed with a moment to stand in nature and feel yourself breathing


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Posted by Bobcat on
The pcurashes I make are entirely based on these articles.
Posted by bhhrngw on
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Posted by lunqkrw on
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Posted by rcgagkujvok on
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Posted by Lemali on
Tom, Jane, Sal, You are truly amzaing! Absolutely amzaing! Magnificently inspirational to so many people in so many places in so many ways. I’ve not been able to read the site for a few days, and catching up just now has, as always been humbling, moving, rewarding, inspiring, heart-breaking, up-lifting, wrenching, encouraging, agonising, overwhelming, all these and more for how can all that has happened and is happening not flood all of us, the readers and supporters, each and every time we visit, with a vast spectrum of conflicting emotions? We join you on your roller coaster ride every time, as we try to begin to imagine, for just a moment, what it’s like to be you. And that’s not an easy place to go. And there are you, living and breathing it, and being brave, and strong, and honest, and communicating with each other, and sharing the struggle with all of us, and moving forward and maintaining your hope and fighting the fight. The fight to live, breathe, eat, sit up, talk, do what you have to do. You are there in our thoughts and our lives, pretty much all the time. This cataclysmic life changing event continues to send ripples all around the world, through the lives of all connected to any of you in any way, and via all of us, to many who aren’t even that, but who, too, are moved, shaken up, given pause. And all that you are suffering, we feel with you, and it changes us, every day, and I keep asking myself, why is it that change must so often come through such great pain? Because of what you are going through, unimaginable as it is, hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people, are being changed, through you, by you, with you, and not in small ways, but in big ways. How many of us out here have been forced by this terrible happening to stop still. To think of all that we have in our lives, how much love, how much support, how much beauty, and how very much we take all of it for granted, all of it. And how we take for granted so very much when it comes to the health and wholeness of our bodies, of what those bodies make it possible to do. And how any one of us could lose all of that which we are taking so much for granted, in th be blink of an eye, in one split second. And how, then, we must not squander a single moment or a single blessing. And all the time, we are learning about community, and love, and fellowship, and the goodness that is in people, that we forget is there, until something like this, something this huge, that has stopped us all in our tracks. So – thank you, for your monumental courage, your unstintingly positive approach to something so utterly devastating, for communicating with all of us, all the time, thank you for what we are learning, at your feet. And thank, you Nick, for enabling all of us to be so intimately involved day by day in your long, slow, painful, frustrating process, to be with Tom and all his loved ones, in the climb back up from this terrible place. And it’s happening! Waking up! Conquering infections! Out with the tubes! Breathing, unassisted! Eating proper food! Mouthing words! Sitting in a chair! Such milestones, and demanding so much will. Tom, you have everything it takes, and you are showing us!Fondest love to you and yoursRosie and SJ
Posted by fghkbklqyrq on
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Posted by eehdtfy on
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