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The Buddha on Wall Street

Nov 03, 2011


The Buddha Occupies Wall Street - Michael Stone speaks of the intimacy needed to deal with the discontent within our culture 
face to face we can collectively wake up

What is it that we want? - I think most of us really want connection and intimacy. When the people get out to occupy Wall Street or the public spaces in their own cities and no one can pinpoint why, the one thing we know is that there is a growing discontent with the status quo. Many of us are in fear of the future and shut down because we do not know what action is appropriate to change the systems that be. Nature does not like a vacuum so there will be leaders and process and government and protest. It seems like confusion as we attempt change.
Michael Stone recently said that it is through face to face intimacy that we will be able to see the way forward. A collective awakening beyond just the personal. We must all wake up and get working. I agree. Let us find our way like water. Ahisma - be gentle with yourself and others.
“The highest motive in life is to be like water. It fights nothing and no one. It flows from and back to its source, and in the flowing smoothes and wears away all resistance.”
- Taoist Proverb


Michael Stone: 10-12-11: Upaya and the Way Forward: A New Generation of Socially Engaged Spiritual Practice 

(OriginallyDHARMAPODCAST.ORG) Over 100 hours of free audio/MP3 dharma talks from leading zen buddhist teachers.


Vandana Shiva: "People should see that corporations have abandoned them long ago." Please watch this video.

Or this one on Plenitude

The Secret To Creating Jobs That Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know

I was walking through the Diana Krall Plaza in Downtown Nanamio a couple of days ago and there were people sitting around near the tents of the Occupiers. They were politely listening to one another and seemed to have one person clarifying the issues at hand. I found out later that this was a consensus process calledGeneral Assembly which is an interesting way to practice Direct Democracy and is strikingly dissimilar to what goes on in the House of Commons in this country. 

Click this link for more info on General Assembly and concensus decision making in New York...yes we can learn from our friends to the south.

Love & Shadow in the Occupy Movement - Michael Stone


The mantra Om ma ni padme hung is used by those in the buddhist tradition, as well as, others to extend and invoke compassion. I have repeated this mantra when my mind, body and spirit is obsessed with thoughts and emotions that I wish to change and I have found clarity.


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