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Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation - Dr. Joe's Tip of the Month

Jan 15, 2013

 Dr. Joe’s Tip of the Month

Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation


**Note: The complexity of the shoulder makes it ESSENTIAL to have all shoulder injuries PROPERLY ASSESSED and DIAGNOSED!!**

  •  Proper assessment should include Mechanism of Injury, Range of Motion, Muscle Testing, Orthopaedic Testing and may require Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, MRA).
  •  An accurate Diagnosis is essential to proper treatment, rehab & return-to-activity and can only be legally given by a Qualified Healthcare Practitioner (DC, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, etc).


Essentials for Athletic Shoulder Rehab

 Strengthen Serratus Anterior – “Push-Up Plus” (below left)

  •  Stabilizing muscle on the under side of each shoulder blade, crucially involved with scapular (shoulder blade) and rotator cuff mechanics.
  • Begin at top of a push-up position, maintain stable form as you protract/glide your shoulder blades forward along your ribcage.

 Stretch Posterior Capsule – “Horizontal Adduction Stretch” (below right)

  • Capsular ligaments that surround the shoulder joint and are chronically tight in the back of the athletic shoulder, causing secondary injuries.
  • Pull your arm horizontally across your chest with your opposite hand, while stabilizing/blocking the outside edge of your shoulder blade. Roll a lacrosse ball behind the stretched shoulder for added effectiveness.



“Training is Athletic, Not Cosmetic”


Dr. Joe Foglia  B.HK, D.C., C.S.C.S., ART®
Island Optimal Health & Performance
103-1808 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, BC   V9S 5W4



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Posted by Ruzanna on
I wouldn't duispte Cambodia's rank in the world corruption scheme. But I do not think that it affects the expat as much as you might think. In fact if you go to my Cambodia YouTube videos you will see a ranter saying that he expects Cambodians to rebel against the government because we have such an unfair advantage over the Cambodian people. I see that they have given the foreigner the ability to come to their country and open up shop effortlessly and cheaply. Of all the foreigners doing business there, all had nothing but good things to say.One guy had passed out drunk and police took him and his motorbike to the station until he slept it off. When he woke the police gave him all his money, wallet and phone that they had held for him in protection.As far as the traffic stops, that was my ignorance of the traffic laws. All motorists that did not see the police around the corner that also turned on the red light got stopped. And now I know that I do need a Cambodian drivers license or International one. When I left there were traffic police on almost all the busy intersections. I guess they have realized that the traffic laws need to be enforced. Maybe foreigner presence has contributed to the tighter enforcement. They still have a long way to go though.
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