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Rope Wall and Other Props class

Oct 02, 2013

When I first tried yoga it was out of a book while I was babysitting at age 13, I went too far with a pose and my back went "out". If you don't know what that means then you are one lucky person, let me tell you! Pain, spasms and seizing in the musculature of my back.

 When I was 21, I studied Hatha yoga for a while during and following a trip to India, I then fell in love with the challenge of the Ashtanga sequence. I have taken sessions with some of the most iconic and well known teachers and found local instruction just as mind blowing. The training that I have received by Iyengar Yoga teachers has influenced my teaching greatly when it comes to the utilization of the Rope Wall and other props. I went from being a minimalist to finding precision and challenge to the body using various props.


I now find inspiration and the deepening of my practice comes from a personal integration of many of the lessons which I have been taught.  When my friend and student, Alex, told me that she was building a yoga studio I had no idea what a precious gift she would be bringing to our community. Yoga Weyr was built five years ago and continues to be the most beautiful and best equipped yoga studio that I ever hope to be fortunate enough in which to teach and practice.


Whatever works is a philosophy which continues to serve me well. I love to pass on to others what has helped me. I am beginning a new class at Yoga Weyr on Thursday mornings from 9:30  am to 10:45 am 

Rope Wall and Other Props class is for every level of practice, accessible, fun, interesting and helpful.

We will utilizes the many props that are available at Yoga Weyr. Most of us find some yoga postures challenging and when we do it is helpful to know how to support ourselves.

We will be learning to use the amazing rope wall, chairs, blocks, slant boards, the headstander, bolsters, blankets, balls, zafus, and belts to access the benefits of the postures.

This class will focus on alignment principles, which are made more possible with the aid of props, and which will allow each of us to work on the poses at our own comfort level.



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Posted by Dawn Gordon on
Hi Kim,

Well here it is a new year! Just trying to work on a plan, strategy for this year and would like to incorporate your Ropes and props course. Is this course still being taught? Does it start today or next week?

Thanks Dawn
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