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Jan 03, 2011


My biggest Smile of the day so far...when my garbage man knocked on my door this morning because I left him a bottle of christmas cheer with my garbage bag. He didn't need to do that but he did. What a class act! He took off his glove and we shook hands.
May you create ripples that make someone smile!

The refrain that I continually hear from my friends, my neighbours and myself is that we are so very busy. When we spin so very quickly throughout our days we loose the enjoyment of the time we have and the ability to stay grounded enough to remember what is important. Mindfulness is a concept to most of us rather than a practice. Perhaps, I am making assumptions here, that you out there reading this are just like me, but I see my own concerns reflected in the greater community.
I just wanted to wish you a very wonderful dark season. May we all appreciate the return of the light after the lunar eclipse and the winter solstice. I love the metaphor which is offered by both of these events; the return of the light offers hope for the future.  All the best in the New Year!
These are my wishes right now:
1. For Peace and happiness for all children (Yes, you are one.)
2. For more people to tell me what makes them thrive!
3. For more flash mobs where people just take over public spaces and sing and dance. Expressing their joy and sharing it with other people.
Check these out:



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Posted by Marsue on
Superbly illunmiating data here, thanks!
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Posted by Kailee on
I thank you hmbuly for sharing your wisdom JJWY
Posted by nzctoli on
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Posted by npaevasunm on
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Posted by itjraqkjiut on
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