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Ripped Off

Jan 16, 2013

I am trying to see the positive in the world but having a challenge doing so right now. I know that to focus on the negative aspects will only bring me suffering and that I need to remember gratitude, appreciation and acceptance for all that is, for myself. Last week, just after being deliberately almost-run-over by a Hummer which was driven by a very angry man (I merely stuck out my tongue in retaliation) I came home to find my house burglarized. A bunch of my stuff was stolen from my home and while I was reporting the break and enter I heard a sound in the basement. Even more adrenaline coursed through my body than when the Hummer swerved in front of me. I went outside to wait for the cops and let them go through the house first. The burglars were long gone, but so were all my electronics.


It was a long week of trying to feel compassion for myself while not feeling sorry for myself. I have to admit that I wish that the thieves had taken more of the junk that seems to accumulate in my house. I definitely have too much stuff. And no one was harmed, really, my family and I were only inconvenienced. It is hard to say that I have suffered at all, I have the first-world complaint that my time was stolen from me with the hassle factor of sorting out the issues of police reporting, insurance adjusting, alarm installing and information retrieval. So, I focus on the myriad of things that I can be grateful for in my life and deal with the rest.


The thing that I wish I could have done last week was help Julie Horwood announce the Grand Opening of her new Six Persimmons Yoga and Wellness Studio. You can find Julie’s listing on the list of Studios & Classes or go to the YOGA google map FINDER and look for Six Persimmons in the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo.

Congratulations to Julie! May you find and serve those who need you most.


I am most grateful for the lessons about what is actually important to me: my computer does hold a lot of my intellectual property which represents my offering of service in the world.  I sure missed posting events to for all the people who offer or are looking for the coolest stuff happening in the Mid Vancouver Island Region. I find that I am rather attached to hosting THRIVE-ON-THE-ISLAND.
*Better look at that a little more closely.


Send me your events if they are happy, helping or healthful and I will get back to sharing them on the Events Listing on THRIVE.


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