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Prayer for those who don't pray

Sep 13, 2011


I did not grow up with a traditional religious background and my image of prayer was of a person on their knees begging for something that they wanted. Over the years of my yoga practice I have come to a cobbled-together spiritual practice which includes focusing my energy towards a specific issue or person or some other subject. I have found that the Divine Light Invocation or something resembling that mantra, given to us by Swami Radha of the Yasodhara Ashram in the Kootenays, has had a positive effect on the way I feel and what I think. 
Light makes sense to me. I can understand that all life is a direct result of the sun’s energy interacting with this planet. I use the power of my very active imagination to change my worry and confusion to focus and positivity. 
roots take over.jpg
I will describe briefly how I use my imagination to fill myself with light or energy. This is the first step to clarity around emotionally charged subjects. I begin in a quiet state; I look inward and see if I can just feel how I am at that moment. I imagine a vast ocean of light rippling above me. I then imagine/see myself filling with light and only when I am completely full of this light do I contemplate the issue or circumstance at hand. I use my very active and visual imagination to “see” the subject of my efforts wrapped in Light and taken back to the source of light above. I affirm to myself that all are doing the best they can at this moment and that the people or beings I am concerned about are getting all that they need at this time.

What happens for me is that I feel better about the situation and I stop worrying and therefore I stop the negative thought patterns which surround the circumstance. I believe that worry and negativity draw energy away from those who need all that they have and more. I had a friend who asked people not to worry about her when she went for her second operation for cancer because she could feel that worry from everyone who loved her and it depleted her own personal energy when she needed it most. She requested that her loved ones only send her positive energy and release the worry. This method of prayer does that beautifully, and it also fills one up so that one can be of service while remaining balanced and healthy.
I believe that this practice is responsible and gives me perspective on my life.
I will go now and stand in the early afternoon sunshine and do a Divine Light Invocation for Frank Mazzei and his caregivers and family.
May all children be well.



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Posted by Gracelynn on
Hey, subtle must be your mdidle name. Great post!
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