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Sep 02, 2015

I had some really great roofers come and add 4 x 4s to my low slope, torch on roof. My crew and I fastened them very well to the roof joists and Mike and Chris did an amazing job of covering the wood. I am reassured that the weather will not get into the roof now. 


We installed the Solar Panels ourselves with the expert help of Charlo Gouin and my dad, Ken LeDuc. Now we wait for the young electrician to show up with the right cable and permits so that we can start pushing PV generated electricity back into the BC Hydro grid. 

If we conserve enough and lower our consumption I hope that my Smart Meter will be smart enough to calculate how much BC Hydro owes me. Because we are actually almost beyond the best harvesting months of April - September I will wait till a year has passed to evaluate the system's performance.

kim's solar array almost complete.JPG


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