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'periods of hectic insanity'

Jan 03, 2011


"We are all too busy. Everyone knows it and we continue like addicts to behave like it is an imperative to continue the same way." 

Someone once told me, "I'm in the middle of a big project, so not resting as I should. I don't seem able to find a balanced busyness in my life. I wonder if I thrive on this madness?  In any case, I know that's why I've gotten sick - no yoga or any other activity, too much work. People blame the time of year or the weather, but I know it's me letting my immune system get run down."

Stress is something that we cannot live without. We need to respond to our environment . We need to be toned, alive, aware, ready and able. But we also need to breathe, rest, digest, nurture ourselves and sleep. Some of us do too much of one and not enough of the other. Again it is a question of balance and degrees. If we are always on edge and never content then one is just as off kilter as when one is unable to find the energy to roll oneself out of indolence.

In our society, the successful people are the ones with too much going on. It is seen as a sign of prestige that you cannot stay at one gathering, party or meeting because you were expected at some other event hours previous. Too much to do is a state of being.
"How are you?"
"Crazy know."

The problem with crazy busy is that it is not sustainable. One cannot maintain equilibrium for long if one’s energy is forever going outward. We forget ourselves and begin to operate on automatic. We say yes to things that we do not love but feel we must be involved with. We agree to take on more than we sensibly should and forget to check in with how we feel about decisions that we make. We ignore what the body is saying until it is so late in the game that we cannot figure out why our guts are in a turmoil and our minds are completely muddled.

To do anything well, we would all agree that we need concentration and focus. In this respect, our abilities are decreased when we are overwhelmed and stressed out. We are not doing our best work when we lose perspective and forget ourselves. We need to relearn how to put ourselves back into the equation. Take care of ourselves first and foremost so that we can be of service to others. Otherwise we will not be offering our best but only what is left.

Ask yourself in every instance if you are in the venture mind, body and spirit. If you find that the answer is no most of the time then you need to find some space for yourself where you can rest long enough to gain the perspective that you need to assess your situation. Feel how your body feels from feet to head, breathe deeply to calm your mind, and see if you can make decisions with yourself in mind. If we all did this, I believe there would be a whole lot less burn out and disease.


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