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One size does not fit all!

May 26, 2011

I have a problem with practitioners who think it is up to them to determine the treatment that they will impose on their clients. Withholding treatment is of course well within the discretion of the practitioner. I am talking about the service provider, chiropractor, doctor, therapist or what have you, who thinks that they know what is best and fires the client if the client for any reason will not comply with the practitioners agenda. This is pure ego and should be vigorously expunged from the client/service provider relationship. This is a dangerous and unethical attitude to take with a person seeking help. 


I have just heard of another health care provider who insisted on performing a treatment on a person who had come for treatment but had serious misgivings about what was being offered and conflicting advice from another practitioner. In these instances the Customer is always right and we as health care providers are not here to do anything but serve the client. If this means that we cannot provide the treatment that we think is the correct one then we need accept the decision of the client and perhaps to negotiate with person seeking service from us but always putting their needs first. Those needs may be to delay or not to have the treatment at all. 


We must make sure that we do not blame the patient for not getting better. When we are run by our need to control or have things go our own way we loose sight of the treatment as client centred. One treatment does not fit all and we all need to be more flexible in our approach to health. Everyone heals or learns differently and in their own time. 





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