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Massage four different ways

Dec 13, 2013


Over the past few months I have received to a few different bodywork treatments. All the sessions that I have received have been unique and special. I hope that you will consider giving yourself some nurturing or give a loved one the gift of bodywork as encouragement to take care of themselves.
I have been going regularly to a Registered Massage Therapist in Nanaimo for more than 15 years. Regina Wende was one of the very first people to practice in this area and has a wealth of experience and magical hands, as many people in Nanaimo are aware. I continually see my friends and acquaintances come out of her office as I am going in to lie on her table.
Regina’s style continues to evolve and I have never had the same massage twice in all the years that I have been going to her. She responds to my body’s needs with such intuitive knowledge that I feel like a different person when I leave her. Often, she will just hold a point on my body so that the tension it is holding can release, or she will connect two points in my body which need to release together. I feel that Regina can talk my body into coming to a better alignment using subtle touch and energetic intention.
I used to go every two weeks, but as my body has become better aligned through a combination of both yoga and massage, I have lengthened the time between treatments.

Recently, I have begun to trade weekly with a very experienced masseuse who incorporates heated stones into my massage. Because my friend and I trade so frequently, I find that my body stays softer and unravels easier on the table. She usually starts at my toes and ends at my head and nothing is missed in between. I relax completely into the warmth of her touch and often drift off into half sleep. Resting that deeply allows me time to meditate on my wellbeing and I believe that my power to repair and heal myself is improved.
Heather Haseltine gifted me a Crystal Light Therapy massage, and it was an experience unlike anything I have ever felt before. Incorporating the energy of sound and crystals with touch, this form of bodywork heals on many different levels.
I felt completely held for two hours in sensual awareness. I liked the completeness of the massage traveling all over my body. The words of affirmation that Heather spoke or sang served to connect my feelings with a powerful thought. I didn’t realize how altered I really was until I finally sat up from the session. Heather was very right about staying with me as I came back to myself. See more at:
Last week, I traded with Brenda Green of The Ashiatsu Massage Studio and received my first Ashiatsu massage. Most bodywork is performed using the hands, lower arms and elbows. If I am doing a Thai massage, I incorporate my feet and knees, but rarely with any weight behind them.


Brenda holds onto bars above the table so that she can guide either one or both thoroughly warmed feet, with most of her weight behind them, onto the large stiff muscles of the body. Being a bodyworker myself I have had a lot of deep muscle work before (Rolfing, Hellerwork, Deep Tissue) Ashiatsu was as deep as I like it to get and no deeper. I kept being pulled out of my sensual body experience as I remembered that this massage was being done by foot, I wanted to know how she could be performing each trick. 

As it is always best just to relax and let the mind go during a massage, I finally dropped into the experience and stopped trying to figure it out.
Just enjoy. Release and Enjoy!


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Posted by Derek on
Interested in ashiatsu massage - in Nanaimo for a few days
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