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Making Sense of the Season

Dec 13, 2011

At this time of short days and long nights I struggle to go to sleep at a decent time of the night. My partner actually looks at the minutes of darkness that we gain so I know he is also affected by the change. He says that the longest night will be twice as long as the daylight hours by the time we get to the Winter Solstice. On goes the S.A.D. lamp (which looks like a personal football field spotlight) which may work to give the body the full spectrum of light during the dark, long nights. But I'd rather watch the fire flicker in the dark and enjoy sleeping for a few extra hours when I have the sense to listen to my body’s needs.



I am trying not to be a Grinch, as I do every year, knowing when I groan as I see the Christmas lights go up in late November and early December that I might not be ready for Christmas but other people relish the yearly rituals. I am sure that I would like the event much more if it reared itself into my life for less time and less often. Once every five years might be an event. It has only been 333 days since the last go round of merry cheer. But it is not all about me and there are many things in the world that require an attitude of acceptance. I cannot help but consider that the financial ills which plague the world are in part predicated on this cyclical adherence to a yearly over-indulgence. Most people have barely recovered from last year’s excesses and here we go again.



I try to find parts of this season to enjoy. I let myself become more reclusive in general, I do less as a rule and yet I love the social gatherings which bring loved ones together in celebration. The food and drink and good times that we share are essential to my feeling that all is well. As for the spiritual aspect of this time of the year, I personally, align with the Winter Solstice and welcome the return of the Light. I will gather with my community at Yoga Weyr, where I work, and feel blessed to have the teachings of yoga in my life. I encourage you all to find a local gathering which brings joy to your life. Check out the Event Listings on and send me the information about what your community is doing so that we may share it onTHRIVEONTHEISLAND.CA


I make my donations with awareness and love; this year K.I.D.S. and the local Loaves and Fishes food bank are on my list. Our family has given off trying to buy presents for one another and instead all the adults give a donation to the charity chosen by one of our clan. We concentrate our gifting on the children and try to remember the magic feeling that we had when we were kids. I am glad for you if this season does not bring on added negative stress. Take a look at Dr. Clare Craig's Tips for the month of December for sensible advice on how to limit your stress if you recognize the symptoms in yourself.


All the Best to you and yours while you make sense of it all, 




thanks to Ginger for the image


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Posted by admin on
Thanks Kim, This is very timely and certainly resonates with me. I would like to make the gifts of time and friendship the most treasured of the season. Time to be outdoors, feeling the elements, coming inside to warmth and companionship. A distillation to the bare bones of what is essential in contrast to the excesses that you write about. Thank you for sending this out before I get caught up in a seasonal frenzy. I have also chosen to support KIDS as my focus. Mmany blessings to you, love Dyane
Posted by admin on
A couple of things: I learned this from an amazing yogi. Depression is linked to the lack of prana in the body. This makes sense that we get Sadd because in the winter, we walk less, get out less and do more of inward journeying. I have found that by including heavy amounts of pranayam into my practice, I am loving winter! I have been like you for years, hating the season, the comercialization, and above all the pressure of the holidays. However, I actually am feeling quite joyful lately, seeing that my perspective, although very valid, has more to do with my own inner state, than the outward state. It is funny that it took me so long to see. Just thought I would share that with you: as well:

Winter Solstice Celebration:

We will celebrate the Winter Solstice through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. This celebration will focus on breath work, yoga sets, mantras (chants), and even a little dancing :) which helps to energize the body, relieve depression and uplift the spirit.

Renew the bonds to your higher self so that you may spend the season of gratitude and giving with friends old and new. Expand your inner light with experiences that will prepare you for the New Year. This truly will be an experience of community, celebration and joy! Please RSVP to reserve your spot.

When: Wednesday Dec. 21st at 6:00 pm-8:30pm
Where: Bodhi Peace Collective, 67 fifth st. Nanaimo
Cost: $15-20 sliding scale

Please bring a mat, cushion, shawl or light blanket and a water bottle.
Posted by Gracelin on
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Posted by Adam on
Clear, ifnroamtive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?
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