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Local Celebrations can support International Efforts

Feb 26, 2011

I support the work of Rick Lenart and Adrianne Dartnal, the founders of K.I.D.S., because I can see the immediate effects that my donation has on the lives of children in Cambodia and the land formerly known as Burma. Rick and Adrianne go to S.E. Asia on their own dime each year. They spend several months administering the funds they have raised here in the most flexible and appropriate ways needed at the time that they arrive. They maintain a continuity of support for many projects but can respond to immediate needs when they are identified. For example, on their most recent visit Rick and Adrianne were able to help a community living on Tonle Sap, the large lake in the middle of Cambodia, improve the floatation of the school. The problem of floatation became more evident as the water chased the spiders, snakes and bugs out of the bamboo floor during a planning visit with the locals.

It is because they are dedicated to the work they do that we can trust them to provide hope to others less fortunate than ourselves. I know that people are generally good hearted but we all hear stories of corruption and incompetence when it comes to aid organizations. However well intended our desire to help out in these heartwrenching circumstances, we sometimes find ourselves feeling jaded, duped and put upon. 

When you feel the urge to help others, I want you to know that there are appropriate and decent ways to do it, even from here on beautiful Vancouver Island where we can sometimes feel isolated from some forms of suffering. We know deep down that we are not immune to terror or hunger because on some level we are all connected. Organizations like KIDS International Development Society exist and do incredible work for us.

This is a letter that Rick and Adrianne sent us just before the fundraiser on Feb. 25th :

We were out in country side today visiting a school called Kauk Chrey that KIDS has helped with books, uniforms and other educational materials earlier in our trip. We also had arranged to complete a fence they had started around the school in an attempt to keep out the waterbuffaloes, pigs, cows, etc that were coming into the schoolyard and ravaging the children's vegetable garden. On our return to see the completed fence a few hours ago we found out just how important those vegetables are. There are 350 children that attend the school and there are about 60 of them that in the upcoming few months before the next rice harvest will have little to no food to eat. Though we are at the end of our discretionary resources we could not walk away. We have dipped into our commited school running costs and implemented an emergency food program to get the children through the difficult coming months. Each meal will cost 12.5 cents per child per meal, rice with vegetables and some fish. This will cost $150.00 per month so we left them 700.00 to tide the children through. Kim our friend here who is a great and kind person will oversee and dole out the funds and collect reciepts for us to collect when we return. This may be a goal to shoot for in whole or in part for the evening.

Please see the home page or my next update for a description of the event and how it went. 


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Posted by Gertrude on
I'm rlealy into it, thanks for this great stuff!
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Posted by Sov on
Susan Rudzki - Hi Tom,I so loved the beach pictures of your falmiy.. Seeing everyone made me miss you guys. We are overdue for a visit.I also enjoyed seeing some of your other work. Amazing.Sue
Posted by tnwzrtlsx on
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