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K.I.D.S. Update -A letter to Santa and Gratitude

Dec 22, 2014


Dear Friends,


As we head into the holiday season it is often a time for celebration and reflection. We were thinking about two words that represent how we are feeling at this time of year and the words that come to mind are Compassion and Gratitude.


Working here in Cambodia and being able to provide basic needs and opportunities for children, youth and families has been made possible through your spirit of generosity and compassion. We are always deeply moved by the support K.I.D.S. receives from so many.


We were recently e-mailed a copy of a letter to Santa from Sumalee, the daughter of one of K.I.D.S board members. As you will read she has already developed a compassionate spirit at the young age of five.





At almost the same time we were handed a letter from Pai Sue, a young boy of 12. K.I.D.S has been supporting his education for several years. He lives at home with his family, in a small thatched hut with very few possessions. Pai Sue goes to both Khmer and English school. In the afternoon between classes he toils in the brick factory to help his family. He gave us a small package with four lotus flowers in it. His beautiful analogy of how everyone's support is changing his life is below, he wanted us to pass on his gratitude. We transcribed the letter as we could not get a good photo of it as his writing is very small.


       Thank you for your support to me. I don't have nothing for you

       but I have studied hard. This monthly exam is class five. When

       you don't support me I was like a lotus and don't come out of

       the water. When you support me I can now read, write and spell.

       I am like lotus coming out of the water and see the sun, forever

      today. I am like lotus come out of the water and will become a real 

      lotus. I can hope to find a good job in my future.


      Best wishes,

      Pai Seu



Pai Seu's Gift  

 Four steps of growth of the lotus flower, from bud to mature pod


At this time in the world, when often there is so much sad and unsettling news, it is good to hear how the children are still hopeful. Thanks for supporting them.


Wishing you and yours a meaningful and peaceful holiday season.

Adrianne and Rick


Kids International Development Society 
545 Vancouver Ave
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 4G6


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