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KIDS International Development Society Update

Feb 04, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We have now left Mae Sot and are on our way back to Cambodia. Our last few days were busy saying goodbye and assisting a few more projects. We were able to get the tables and benches for the Kwe Kaw Bang School finished and it was with great satisfaction that we watched the children come for lunch and be able to sit at a real table and eat their lunch in leisure rather than squatting on the dirt and eating as fast as they could. We also delivered some supplies to very needy families that live on the landfill and make their living collecting scrap; they were thrilled to get some tarps to keep the rain out, some rice to help feed their children, mosquito nets and some blankets to keep them warm, as it is cool here in the evenings.


We supported another program called Social Action for Women (SAW) that runs both an orphanage and a home for young women that have been rescued from trafficking. We bought a lot of formula, diapers and items for the young women. As well we did buy a lot more rice for some more desperate schools and dropped off hundreds of needles, we brought from Canada, for the Mae Tao Clinic.


The migrant schools had a soccer tournament and Agape School was in it for the first time. The Agape boys (ages 10 to 12) did not have uniforms so KIDS was able to be the “team sponsor” and purchase a uniform for each child on the team.  The children were very proud to run out on the field in their new soccer outfits (see attached picture), we wanted to buy them all runners but they only know how to play in bare feet, they will try to use them next year. David stencilled the Agape name and symbol on the back of their shirts as well as their own number. The team looked very professional as they ran out on the dirt field. The games were really fun to watch, especially when a herd of water buffalo wander by the sidelines.  Although Agape lost the first three games (just by one) they definitely won on the team spirit front. The children from Agape held banners and yelled AAAGGGAAAPPPEE at the top of their lungs, rooting for their team. Before leaving for Bangkok we sat with David and Min Min discussing many things.  David told us the children and the coaches/teachers were very upset about losing so many games. David had a talk with them, telling them that failing is our greatest teacher; it teaches us about strength, supporting one another, striving to do better and forgiving ourselves, he told the children that failing can be a gift and can help us to strive to do better in our lives. The children were very happy at the end of his talk. Later that day, as Rick and I were backpacking our way to our hotel in the Bangkok heat, the phone rang and David said that our children won their first game!!! We started to chant AAAGGAAPPEE! So it seems somehow that the moment we accept we can fail it also gives us the opportunity and strength to achieve and David continues to teach many wonderful lessons. Thanks to you all for supporting the Agape team and a special thanks to the kids back home that keep raising funds to help children over here.


We will now head over to Cambodia tomorrow to travel around and visit some other children KIDS supports and the school that KIDS runs in Stung Treng, as well as a couple of other programs. We will keep you posted.


We hope all goes well for you and yours,

Hoping for Peace in Burma


Love Rick and Adrianne


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