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Keeping the good stuff!

Dec 01, 2011

"Do not believe in what you have heard; do not believe in the traditions because they have been handed down to you for generations; do not believe in anything because is tis rumourd or spoken by many;do not believe merely because a written statement of some old sage is produced; do not believe in conjectures; do not believe in that as truth to which you have become attatched by habit; do not believe merely the authority of your teachers and elders. 

After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and gain of one and all, then accept it, practice it and live up to it."

- the buddha


One idea that came up at the recent Kula was to remain in connection with the community of Yoga Teachers in our local area. To this end we have started a group on Google called Mid Island Kula Connections. To find this online group just click on this link and join. I have asked a question and would love other teachers to help me develop my understanding on this matter. Namaste

Connection To Awareness by Lucas Lindbloom 

- speaks about creating our reality. 



Check out this video of the beautiful and resilient people of Phnom Penh, Cambodia weathering the floods in S.E. Asia.


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Posted by Seston on
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Posted by Henrietta on
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Posted by dacddr on
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Posted by dmixru on
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