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Jan 24, 2012


Here is a great video of the Dr. Seuss Classic 

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!


I have long been an advocate of movement as a cure for most ills. From Mental Fatigue to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Depression I think we can change how we feel and how healthy we are by sitting around less and moving more. Just click on his name to see this short video: Dr. Evans quantifies how much we actually need to do to effect change in our health.

Oh, and check out the TED talks: Dr Mark Robert Waldman speaks very slowly about the positive effects of meditation on the Brain. But you have to meditate on something POSITIVE! Negative thinking will destroy your brain and kill you, so we should all avoid thinking about fears and worries and war and greed and money because it is proven to be bad for us. Contemplate Light and God and LOVE and Peace and live a healthier longer life.

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. | Video on

thanks to Ben for suggesting this one!


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Posted by Bhupinder on
Lack of exercise and worry/stress are serouis obstacles to staying healthy. It is not possible to completely rid oneself of worry or stress and still be alive, so it is very important to help people learn ways to work through stress, worry or difficult situations. Counseling, seminars, workshops would be beneficial. Hold an expo fair to offer opportunities to get involved by joining or volunteering. Involvement that includes exercise, compassion, friendship is one way to elevate one's spirit and helps a person cope with the tough situations in life. This might be charity foundations that run/walk like; NF Endurance, Leukemia/Lymphoma/ Determination, etc., there are many to choose from that may touch a part of someones' life. This might be foundations that need volunteers; food shelf, humane society, Habitat, children's hospitals, local zoo, etc. People may enjoy walking around, interviewing and talking with foundations and organizations all in one location and possibly finding a perfect fit for their self.
Posted by hpseznddb on
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