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K.I.D.S. Update - Happy New Year

Jan 09, 2013

Dear Friends,

We wish you all much happiness and good health for the New Year. Our new year began on the Tonle Sap Lake, where we spent four days assisting The Lake Clinic with another new floating clinic; as well as meeting with the school staff to discuss the solar system we will be providing for the school. The solar system will enable the children to study at night. We are also going to build wider overhangs for the roof of the school so that during the rainy season the children will have a place to stand outside without getting wet and the water will not run into the classrooms and hulls. Spending a few days on the lake is both interesting as well as somewhat devastating. To be poor on land is one thing but to be poor on the water brings many more challenges. There is no electricity, lots of bugs, no land to grow vegetables and gasoline is more expensive than at home. Most people fish and sell fish and their day begins at 3:30 am and the average wage is about 75 cents a day. Everyone moves around from floating platform to floating platform and children can paddle a boat by the age of 5. School is the highlight of the children's life. The school is a place where they meet, learn, play and keep their minds active. The K.I.D.S. school is doing well and a very positive place. We returned to Seim Reap with a list of what we will need to complete the work on the school, another logistical challenge will be how to get it out there.


We also visited our friend Kerry, who has moved on from New Hope and started another school in a very poor area of the city. Kerry, who is Australian and her partner Kenneth, from Nigeria, have dedicate many years to improving the lives of children here. They opened the free english and computer training school in November for 250 children and now have over it and they will come (in droves). As Siem Reap is based on tourism, english is very much needed to get work here and so the earlier children learn english the better hope they have in the future however most english classes are too costly for poor families to afford. The school offers a chance for the children here in the city. Kerry did not have enough classrooms so K.I.D.S. was able to build an outdoor classroom on the property; both students and teachers welcomed the airy space.


In the countryside work has begun on the water towers. Thanks to donations we are now able to provide water towers at two village schools and everyone is very excited. The children in this area walk and ride bikes many kilometers on dusty red roads, having water available to clean themselves and to drink will make a world of difference. K.I.D.S. also contributed to a rice bank for one school, which is now almost completed. The community of rice farmers will contribute to the rice bank and very poor families will be able to borrow from the bank when times are too tough to feed their families. The rice bank will also contribute to the lunch program, which K.I.D.S., provides for the school. When we visited some of the men from the community were volunteering to build the structure; wonderful to see. Last year one of the schools from our community raised money for the schools we are working with. It just so happened that the principal and her husband were here visiting with two other friends/donors of ours. We were all able to go out to the school and deliver some shoes and other school supplies for two of the schools. Most of the children did not have shoes and were very excited to get a brand new pair of flip-flops, it was both sad and heartwarming to see them as they crowded around to get their new shoes; some wearing them right away and some holding them dearly to their chests as they walked home. 


In closing we would like to thank you for your warm new years wishes and for your generosity. We have included a few pictures of the children you are supporting.


All the best,

Adrianne and Rick


Kids International Development Society




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Rhea SimonHi Robyn. Like the cool spelling of your name. I am a close finred of Myrna Winter who of course told me I must go see her wonderfully talented great nephew in Billy Elliot. And for someone who loves theatre and goes to musicals in NYC frequently ( and a professional singer/musician/actress myself) I would love to see your son playing the lead!!!Mazol Tov!! Enjoyed the lovely articles in the globe about him, as well.
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