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Island Seva, One Island One People

Jun 05, 2011

I was in India recently and while staying at an ashram and was told that although not required, it was asked that I give 2 hours of Seva a day as a part of my room and board. I had never heard this word before but it seemed to me like unpaid work. I don't like work much, let alone unpaid work.

However, meeting others doing Seva, I was told that the whole ashram was run on Seva! I couldn't believe an ashram holding thousands of people doing amazing charitable work was all run on volunteer work.

I was also told by others who had made Seva a bigger part of their life that the returns they got were immense and the “payback” was 100 times their effort. So really it is funny because it becomes selfish selfless service because you know that your selfless service is befitting you, both in the feeling you get from helping others, and in the future return of good “karma”.

I have met people here in Canada who understand Seva and make it a part of their life, not something that they do, but something that they live. For the most part this word is unknown and the closest thing we have in English seems to be volunteer work. I would like Seva to be a bigger part of my life and have it be a bigger part of all our lives. The creation of this group was Seva itself :)

The purpose for this group is to start to think about what it would be like to give selfless service to those who need it. It is to begin to apply this word into our daily lives, and many do, yet there is still a lot of isolation and separation in our society.

seva_small.jpgclick on this logo and you can find the facebook group.

Please use this group to post your needs. Please answer the posts of others with the idea of Seva in mind, selfless service. Lets help each other where and when we can. Lets start here with ourselves, and let it grow. Island Seva, One island, One people.




David Seath


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Posted by Terri Taylor on
Great initiative on the Island, David. Thank you.
To expand on the idea of Seva, I also point out that Yasodhara Ashram on Kootenay Lake (across from Nelson) is a "karma yoga" ashram. Karma yoga is another term for selfless service. The experience there is wonderful, whether offering karma yoga or taking a workshop or retreat. Reflection each day encourages everyone to consider what they are learning.
Posted by Sarah on
Can't see a link?
Posted by sarah on
never mind, look before hitting send, found it
Posted by Shrikant on
Can you please tell me which ashram in India are you talking about (the one which you visited)? Please mail me the name and location of the ashram. I would like to offer my services as well. Thanks.
Posted by Rochi on
It's like you're on a misosin to save me time and money!
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Posted by Jaxon on
That really cpautres the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.
Posted by mnkojmovut on
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