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I have to apologize for my last blog

May 27, 2011

In my last newsletter, sent out yesterday, I was less than kind and I apologize. I am writing this at 3:34 am and wanting anyone with a reaction to what I wrote to give me an opportunity to continue. I understand if you don't wish to.

I was feeling that the rights of one of my clients had been trampled and I wanted to defend the person. My instinct is to raise my fist and criticize, and I wish I had considered that there is always another side to every story and that learning comes in many forms. 

Having this newsletter go out to a list of people with a range of experience and writing in supposed judgement upon them is unhelpful. It took two people to wake me up to how I sound when I am totally "sure" that I am correct about something. I am passionate but I am no judge!

I wonder if I will continue this blog at all or if I will abandon it with this failure of compassion for the practitioners whom I have just trashed? Perhaps this one of the reasons why so many people begin blogs but abandon them. 

When I put my opinions forward and I am not well received I loose all courage to continue. What a fragile ego I have. I will send this and try to go back to sleep while being more conscious and aware of my constant judgements.

Good night

Peace, Peace, Peace 


Please add a comment

Posted by Karina on
I didn't think there was anything controversial or shocking about your last post hun! Its challenging when you write from the heart, because the heart speaks it's truth of the moment. Your writing a blog, not a marketing Campaign- you react and respond with honesty. This is YOUR blog. If people get pissed off by you saying, basically, the patient has the right to choose treatments, frankly those people can simply unsubscribe. Health practitioners are not gods, but coaches- they suggest, and the patient MUST self determine what fits for them. 
Posted by Line Brunet on
I agree with Karina. It wasn't an enraged rant, it was an opinion and you are entitled to have one. You'll never please everyone and if there are some that are unhappy, well, you must face the consequences of them removing themselves but you shouldn't let that stop you.
I must add however, that the practitioner is supposed to be the expert and should know the proper treatment for the client, but the client does have the right to refuse. They shouldn't be "punished" for that though. At the same time, the practitioner has the right to refuse service as well. It's all in how you do it.
Take a deep breath and move forward. As much as it sucks, not everyone's gonna like you.
Posted by Magenta on
No apologies needed!
Your firt post was very passionate and spoken from your heart. I don't think you need to apologize for being honest. If anything, I need to thank you. You words gave me a wake up call. I'm struggling to find peace in accepting not always being in control. As you said "We all know, everyone heals or learns differently and in their own time."
Thank you.
Posted by adrianne dartnall on
I think having the best interest of your client or patient is always the best practice and pushing clients into treatment that they are afraid of or do not want is only going to alienate them from getting treatment at all. Building trust and slowly working WITH them and listening to them is called being committed and respectful. I admire how you work with your clients and how you support them in their decisions.
Posted by Cheryl on
Oh, Goodness...are we all not entitled to have a bit of a rant once in awhile when we are moved by passion and care for a friend? And, never forget, being offended by something is also a choice. Everyone has a position on every topic and that is just fine. I didn't think your post was blaming anyone in particular and it is a good reminder to practitioners that they need to always consider how their treatment plans are being offered. We have come out of a generation of people who simply did what they were told by doctors and the like, and didn't question and also didn't listen to their own intuition...and in many cases this was detrimental to their health. Many in the past have been crippled and even died at the hands of their practitioners treatment plans. We all need to find ways of sharing our wisdom with compassion and also with the idea that we only support another in finding their own guidance in terms of what is best for them. Following blindly and against our inner voice is folly. is lovely that your post is a catalyst in helping us all reflect on our journey, as practitioners of all sorts, and as fellow journeyers. Something that brings up a strong emotional response is the Universe's way of helping us all reflect a little deeper on how we choose to be with one another. From here we all can heal. Be at peace. Get some sleep. It's all good.
Posted by kimleduc on
Wow, I feel that all these comments are supportive and amazing.
I have had 25 comments on my gmail account and will add those if the authors allow because each of us has an opinion which is so great. I am now incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have this blog to work through issues just like this.
One person contacted me so that she could talk to me directly about how she had thought that she was alone in her experience of being abused by a health care provider. I am so happy that I brought it I lost a bit of sleep because I thought that I may have wounded someone along the way...I can't own that really!
In gratitude,
Posted by kimleduc on
You voiced a strong opinion. Whether wanted or unwanted amongst your readers, it is yours.

Instead of feeling shame, it would be a shame for you to cut off your creativity as a reaction to the strong emotional tide. Here's a perfect, organic, locavore practice for self-compassion. Ingest it, assimilate it, then let it go and be ever more stretched and flexible. it's OK. All is well. The Universe loves and supports you.

One of the things that drew me to Jin Shin Do almost 30 years ago, and is still very important to me, is the client-led nature of the work. Hakomi also. And these formed my work teaching and working with clients. Non-violence, ie compassion, is the willingness to hold presence for whoever shows up.

Posted by kimleduc on
Don't be so hard on yourself. I think the purpose of a blog is to give a forum to different opinions. The point that I got from the first letter is that medical practioners are human and not infallible, and it is not a one size fits all fit for everyone. We as patients or clients have the choice to find a practioner that listens to us and fits our specific needs, as I recently had to do after a less than satisfactory respose from my family doctor when I injured my shoulder.
Perhaps your tone was angrier than you would have wished but the message was clear. We must take control of our own healthcare and seek different opinions if we are not aligned with the treatment plans recommended by our practioner.
Posted by Arnie on
You know what, I'm very much icnilned to agree.
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