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Green Superhero Award Winners

Jun 21, 2014

Cowichan Green Community’s Green Superhero Award Winners

When: Winners announced June 17th 

Where: CGC’S Annual General Meeting at the Duncan Christian Reformed Church

Contact: Alyssa Loucks

Tel: 250-748-8506


Cowichan Green Community’s Green Superhero Award Winners


The 2014 Cowichan Green Community’s (CGC) Green Superhero Award winners were finally unmasked during our Annual General Meeting at the Duncan Christian Reformed Church on June 17th. 


CGC’s Green Superhero Awards recognize and celebrate incredible people in the Cowichan Region who do remarkable work when it comes to taking care of our environment. A Green Superhero can be anyone who is creating positive change for the environment. Whether it is riding a bicycle every day, growing organic food, or recycling and re-purposing junk, these actions help us get one step closer to a happier and healthier planet. 

CGC’s Green Superheroes were selected from the following categories; individual, youth, and team. This year’s Green Superheroes are Sandy McPherson, Queen Margaret’s School’s (QMS) Green Team, and One Cowichan. 


Sandy McPherson has been such an inspirational woman in our community. Always riding her bicycle, rain or shine, she has dedicated hundreds of hours helping out at our Garden Pantry Thrift Store, and in numerous projects and community groups such as Transition Cowichan, the North Cowichan Climate Action Plan Committee, the Cowichan Valley Peace Pole Project, and volunteering once a month with the Meals on the Ground program. 

The QMS Green Team joined us every Monday to help out with our new Food Forest, which is being installed behind The Station on 360 Duncan Street. They are also involved with building a community garden at their school and are focusing on removing invasive plants. The QMS Green Team is a perfect role model to inspire and motivate other youth in our community to take action and create change.

One Cowichan continues to work on Local Water Control in the Region. They created “The River Petition” asking for more local control of our Cowichan River. They also started a Vote Pledge Campaign, which resulted in over 1500 citizens pledging to vote for local control of the watershed. Their overall ability to inspire, rally, and empower people to stand up with them is remarkable. As a result of their Stand Up for BC Campaign to stop the Enbridge pipeline project, 16 working groups throughout the Cowichan Region have been formed to gather enough signatures to deny provincial permits to the pipeline. Overall their work is inspirational and such a value to our community. 



More information about this year’s Green Superheroes can be found on CGC’s website, and Facebook page, Or contact CGC at 250-748-8506 or


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