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Dr. Joe’s Tip of the Month - Dynamic Warm-Up

Mar 19, 2013

Dynamic Warm-Up


 Static Stretching  [DO NOT Perform Pre-Activity/Sport]

    Ex) Holding (without movement) a hamstring/any stretch for 30s

  • Research has shown that static stretching before explosive activity does not prevent injury and is detrimental to performance
  • Static stretching does not warm up your tissues and by purely lengthening the fibres the amount of potential energy stored in the muscle decreases, generating less force.
  • Whether or not static stretching increases flexibility is irrelevant, as numerous studies have shown no relationship between static flexibility and translation to dynamic sport-specific range of motion.

    • Static stretching does play a role post-activity/cool-down towards increasing range of motion (i.e. gymnasts) over time, post-workout pain management and in some rehabilitative situations, but the current evidence-based research proves static based stretching is not suitable for pre-activity preparation!!



Dynamic Warm-Up  [ALWAYS Perform Pre-Activity/Sport]


   Ex) Jogging, Leg Swings, Lunges, Technique Drills, Sprints, etc.

  • Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises, which use sport-specific movements to prepare the body for the specific movements and demands of the workout or competition.
  • Dynamic warm-up is designed to elevate heart rate, respiratory rate, core body temperature, increase blood flow to active muscle groups and most importantly increase neuromuscular activity & control.

    • An increase in neuromuscular activity & control means your nervous system is prepared for upcoming explosive movements and able to efficiently stabilize adjacent joints, translating into injury prevention & increased performance.



“Training is Athletic, Not Cosmetic”


Dr. Joe Foglia  BHK (Hons), DC, CSCS, ART®
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