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Dr. Joe’s - Injury Prevention

Oct 02, 2011

Dr. Joe’s - Injury Prevention

3 Great PRE-Hab Exercises We Can All Use


  1. Planks & Side Bridges
  •  Stabilize yourself on your arms/elbows and toes/feet, maintaining a straight line between your shoulders, hips and ankles. 
  •  Engage your core by contracting your abdominal muscles, while continuing normal breathing throughout.
  •  Hold position for 8 secs, or until loss of correct position due to fatigue.
  •  3 sets (plank + each side) x 8secs
  •  *Advanced* Hold plank position while lifting alternating legs x 8 reps each leg.



  1. Shoulder W’s
  •  Standing upright, while ‘Setting’ both Shoulder Blades against the ribcage, by pinching them together down with your middle and lower trapezius muscles. With your elbows flexed to 900, hold the ends of the TheraBand/Bungee directly in front of your body.
  •  Engaging the external rotators of the shoulder and maintaining your shoulder blade stability to rotate your hands outward, forming a “W” with your upper limb positioning. Pause for a brief hold, then return to starting position in a slow & controlled movement.
  •  2-3 sets x 12 reps




  1. Clam-Shells
  • Lying on your side with hips bent 450 and your knees bent to 900, hips and shoulders stacked directly on top of one another.
  • Engage your top Glute muscles and Hip External Rotation muscles to open the top knee and externally rotate the hip to 450, pause, then return to starting position in a slow & controlled movement.
  • 2-3 sets x 12 reps/each leg.




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