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Dr. Joe's Chiro Tips - “GARDENING Without Injuries!!”

May 05, 2011

GARDENING Without Injuries!!”

Gardening seems like a very simple & low stress activity, but the prolonged & repetitive bending, twisting, lifting and weed pulling can creep up us!!  Follow these simple tips to avoid being sidelined the next day:

  1.  Warm-Up & Light Stretch
    • Before you begin, go for a 5 Minute Walk to Warm-Up your legs, low back and core that will be working hard.
    • Then do some Light Stretching of your legs (front and back), low back and shoulders.
  2.  Use the Right Tools
    • Choose Tools & Lifting Assists that are Ergonomically-Designed & Lightweight.
  3.  Bend & Lift with Ease
    • Avoid Twisting by keeping your working area in front of you & between your knees!!
    • Use your Legs & Arms to Lift and Lower Loads, while maintaining a neutral upright spine.
  4. Take Frequent Breaks
    • Fatigue increases your risk of Injury, so be sure to take Frequent Breaks!!
    • I know this can be hard to do, because we always just want to “finish the job” or “get it over with”…But without breaks you will definitely feel the repetitive-strain of fatigue the next day, at that’s no fun!!


Happy (Pain Free) Spring Gardening!!

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