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Contemplation of the Heart

Feb 21, 2011


This week contemplate the heart in some way. Where is it? Can you lift it? How does it feel if you lift your heart up? Do you feel less glum and more confident? When the heart sinks, do our spirits follow?

Instructions for Opening Your Heart - Non-surgical!

As we lift our sternum or breast-bone we notice that the shoulders naturally roll back and down. The head finds an easier resting place above our spine instead of dropping forward and creating strain in the back of the neck. As we open our hearts up we may feel vulnerable and exposed, so I  suggest you find a warm, safe place in which to practice this heart opening posture.

A gentle way to spend some time with an open heart is to take a towel or rolled up yoga mat or a skinny pillow and place it length ways under the spine. Lying with a support of this kind to lift the spine up into the body will allow you to drape your shoulders down toward the floor and thus encourage the heart centre to open.supta.jpg

If we can connect with our own heart we will be able to connect with another in true intimacy. 

Be brave, be open, be loved.



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