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Connecting Energetically

Jul 28, 2015

Really, really excited to install my new SOLAR PANELS. They just arrived and I get to figure out how to attach them to my mostly flat roof which is covered with rolled roofing. I was assured by my dad, Owen Peer and some other reputable source that I was safe to puncture the roof membrane if I intended to seal it up again. I have to have faith that these guys have done things like this before and they know what they are talking about.
It is still a bit hazy due to the smoke from all the forest fires in our region and the lack of wind to blow it around. When the smoke moves off my roof gets quite a bit of direct sunlight. I hope to be connecting into the BC HYDRO grid very soon so that when these photovoltaic panels produce more power than I have need for then YOU can use the power. The BC Netmetering program will pay a rate right in the middle of the step one and the step two rates charged to consumers. So there are no costly batteries to contend with and the grid is my power sink.
take a breath.jpg




The PSOAS is the muscle which flexes the hip and spine and gets too tight when you sit too much. It also yanks down hard on the breath diaphragm when you are anxious or scared. the FIGHT OR FLIGHT reflex. We all need to learn how to relax the psoas.

Click the graphic above for a Yoga International article on releasing the tension in the psoas.