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Coming together to Share Yoga

Mar 26, 2011

The Vancouver Island Yoga Kula was established on Saturday March 26th when yoga instructors from Cowichan to Courtenay gathered at the incredible space which is Yoga Weyr. During the workshop over 50 teachers and students practiced together to the instructions of Sharon Daly from Courtenay, Dorlean Peck and Jana Ziman of Nanaimo and finished with a session of Trance Dance with April Kuramoto.

After the first session the students left and the teachers continued to practice together. There was an intention to open our hearts to one another and discuss the issues of having an ethical business model which includes cooperation rather than the typical business model of competition. We can find ways to support each other and the teachings available to us and our students through the various diverse aspects of yoga.

krishnakirtan.jpg hosted this event for many reasons. One of the reasons to gather together was to meet one another and find out about what other people are doing in the community. We come to appreciate our diversity through practicing in another style other than the one in which we have become familiar and comfortable. 

There is a tremendous amount of talent and diversity within the yogic community of the Mid Island. The consensus seemed to be that we enjoyed coming together to play and teach and practice. There was a sense within the group that many things are possible if we blend our skills and talents and intentions to share the wealth of knowledge which is Yoga. We have planted the seed and now we will see what grows as we nurture it.

Thanks to the students and teachers for their participation. Special thanks to Alex for the amazing space which is Yoga Weyr, Laurie Webb, of the Healing Gourmet for the wonderful meal and to Jaqueline for making it all so perfect and easy for us to gather.


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Wow, your post makes mine look felbee. More power to you!
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Posted by Aline on
It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so cealrly
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