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Beyond Routine

Jul 20, 2011


I am not teaching yoga this summer. We take the summer off at the Yoga Weyr except for Alex’s free class on Monday mornings throughout July. Which means that I usually do less yoga because my routine is totally disrupted. I often struggle to remember what day of the week it is and I like it that way because once September rolls around again I am yoked to the school schedule. I love missing the routine and getting back to it in the fall. 
When I do less yoga I find my back “goes out.” My partner Ric is in the medical field and he gets quite disgusted when I use this term because it is wholly non-descriptive and vague. What I believe is going on is that I move into an unbalanced alignment of my musculoskeletal structure because of the imbalances of my muscles from front to back. I have a very strong pattern in my body which, if not actively manipulated, will pull my chest closed and fold me over slightly at the hips so there is tremendous strain in the back of my body. 
© 2009 Nucleus Medical Art, Inc.

I know that this is a common experience with many human beings. We all start out in the fetal position and many of us go back in that direction when we hit our teens. Our posture is very important and we cannot maintain good alignment if we spend all of our time hunched forward in a slouch or over a phone, desk or computer, as many of us do. Even people who are physically active for most of the day find that the front of the body becomes stronger than the back of the body and subsequently those muscles which are stretched out at the back will often spasm and pain us. In a severe case of spasm, when the back “goes out,” those muscles are out of commission and unusable for, typically, anywhere from 1-7 days.
I have learned that my body likes to do more than the usual amount of yoga I do to maintain my alignment during the year, and when I do less my body protests. So this July I have sought out other people’s classes.  I have done some Yin Flow at Om Town, some Iyengar style yoga at Bend Over Backwards, and some Yoga Play in the garden at Nanaimo Yoga Sanctuary. 
I have ridden my bicycle to all but one of the local classes and carpooled to the one that I have been attending at Oceanside in Qualicum Beach. Five classes in one week made me feel confident when I took this last weekend to attend the irascible Micheal Stone’s workshop in Victoria. By offering his personal discoveries in the yoga asanas, he made me think about how I do the postures and what I have been teaching to this point.

I feel great - flexible and strong - and I have made some intimate connections with myself and others throughout this past two weeks. I think that continuing will serve me well. 
Looking forward to Wade Irme Morissette in Parksville on the 23rd of the month for Yoga Asana and Kirtan.


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Posted by June on
DeVeaux and Anne Peyre.,I am so proud to be your Mother and Grandmother!! What a marvelous erpixeence you are having. When you can bring hope, love and joy to one human being, it is truly wonderful. But to enhance the lives of many is truly a gift not only to the children but to you as well.My thoughts and prayers are with each of you on this mission trip.Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the lovely stories !! God's Peace..
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