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Ancient Electrolytes from Nature

Jan 29, 2012

A health revolution is gaining critical mass, and you may already be part of it. Your diet is clean, you get plenty of water and exercise. Perhaps you’re vegan and you do yoga or meditate. Your mind is clear, and your body feels healthy. Or, like many others, you’re half way there.
One of the primary obstacles on the way to health is the easily ignored problem of mineral deficit. 
When your body sweats (as you excercise), you excrete a lot of electrolytes, which are the body’s natural salts. That sweat from your brow tastes salty for a reason. When you replenish with just water, the electrolytes slowly deplete from your system. If your food is light on minerals, as with many healthy diets, you’re slowly weakening your body’s ability to function. 
We see this a lot with Bikram Yoga instructors, who are in a hot room for up to four hours a day. At the end of the week, they’re fatigued. It’s a well known fact that your body needs a regular supply of salt.
Salt of Life is looking at correcting mineral deficit in a completely new way: natural, complete, and do-it-yourself. It’s a local company (Nanaimo) that started out when founder Christina Melnyk was backpacking through the Himalayas in 2000.  She found a pure mineral salt there which, when she brought some home, became a kitchen favourite with chefs all over BC.  But it also has some unusual properties. When she had it analyzed, she discovered something remarkable: this mineral salt from the himalayas contains the same 84 minerals and trace elements as the human body and, in their identical proportions. Without synthetics or processing, it’s actually the ideal mineral balance for the human body.

Which makes it perfect for replenishing all those lost electrolytes. 
“This salt is over 250 million years old,” explains co-owner Ivo Beitsma. “It was formed during the same Earth processes that gave origin to life, so the fact that these minerals are there naturally is actually not a surprise. But it is very cool that nature just hands this to us.”
Aside from its well known kitchen salts and mineral bathing salts, Salt of Life has this little known chunkier version that can be made into pure electrolytes. These pure electrolytes which, Christina emphasizes is, 'the most powerful use of the salts'' come with simple, yet important instructions so you can make it yourself at home needing only the rocks chunks, a glass jar and clean water. (your own jar, though they plan on including one soon). And you can feel good about using this brand of Himalayan salt, it took her ten years of research to ensure that it’s mined ethically, by hand using fair labour, and that the source is 100% authentically natural, without pollution, processing or additives. It’s energetically pure, which means that it hasn’t been dirtied by any industrial processes.

You can get it in health food stores, raw food eateries and yoga studios throughout the Island, and now also in Whistler and Vancouver (at yoga studios and a pro athlete store).



See their retail locations by visiting  Salt of Life’s mission is to spread the word about these salts and the amazing electrolyte vitality drink they can become and have people love it for themselves. It also costs less and lasts far longer than any other electrolyte drink you can get at the studio or gym! As an added benefit, you can also expect thicker, longer and fuller hair with only three months of daily use. Try it out now.
Keep in mind that, like any commitment to your health, it’s a routine and takes some dedication. Before you can take it, you have to make it. First you’ll make a jar, filled with water and Rock Salt, which transforms it overnight into “Sole” – pronounced SO-lay – a pretty, pink solution packed with electrolytes.  Once made, Sole can tempt you on your counter and last all year.  Second, you work it into your day. The recommended treatment is to put a teaspoon of Sole in a large glass of water each and every morning. Or, before or after a workout, again with plenty of water. Well, now you have no excuse.
When’s yoga?


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Posted by Angel on
I have just come back from your class and I am completely hokoed. I loved it! I found you sensitive but rigorous and with a unique blend of seriousness and humour it just had a lovely profound affect on me. Thank you J x
Posted by rhtzxso on
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Posted by xsbqcyzixo on
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Posted by Barbara on
Hi Julie, Great question. Yes, you can buy 40 50 lb bags of loose white salt at most feed stoers and at TSC. Another option might be purchasing bulk salt from stoers like Sam’s Club. Hope that helps!Thanks~ Emily L.
Posted by jgvpurbjry on
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Posted by aamuuijoh on
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