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Adaptable Resiliency

Sep 26, 2015

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Sometimes things don’t just fall into place. Like how my solar panel installation this summer became an exercise in patience and I discovered that I don’t have much tolerance for stalling, mix-ups or lack of clarity. My mood is often dependent on how smoothly one expected action will impact another. I am thrown off-kilter when things don’t go the way they are ‘supposed to’ and I have found myself in a funk of depression many times due to my expectations not being met.

I recently talked with a friend about dates for a performance I’ve been waiting to see and I heard an epic tale of how plans can go sideways. Sometimes one just can't get there from here! I began to see how my own situation was a very minor disruption to plans which were never set in stone in the first place. It just so happens that my personal resiliency has been at a low ebb this summer and I had a harder time than usual gaining any sort of perspective on my situation. Maybe it was the heat!?!?

There seems to be a lot more happening now that the children are back in school. I have gone back to a usual work schedule myself, and the cooler temperatures give some of us more energy to get things done. Perhaps with more going on we will find there is less time to notice if not everything is going as planned.... Not that I am attached to things falling into place.


May we live simply, so that others may simply live.

May all children be well.

May we find compassion in our collective hearts and make efforts towards helping the refugee families who will continue to need our assistance and welcome.


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