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A New Yoga Prop: the Body Braid

May 07, 2014

There are a few spots left in the Diane Bruni Workshop at Yoga Weyr in Nanaimo this weekend, May 10 and 11. Diane is bringing a new prop with her called the Body Braid. Please call 250 594-0108 to book a spot in this workshop.

Introducing the Body Braid: 
A New Yoga Prop

We will be using this prop at the Diane Bruni Workshop this weekend at Yoga Weyr.

Body Braid Yoga is a traditional yoga class that includes sun salutations, standing poses, arm balances, inversions, back bends and core poses, but with an added boost. Users will wear a Body Braid, an innovative new posture aid that helps create ideal alignment.

The Body Braid was invented by Dr. Blair Voyvodic of Killaloe, Ontario. New to the marketplace and now available for purchase through 80 Gladstone, this remarkable product has the power to transform your yoga.

Body Braid Adjustments

“This product has incredible power to help people look, move and feel better,” says Bruni. “Some people who have tried it notice that their chronic body pain is immediately reduced.”

Soft and strong, the Body Braid is made of 3-inch wide woven elastic and is sewn into a figure-eight shape. Two large loops wrap around the body from the arches of the feet to the shoulders, creating gentle resistance for the muscles and guiding the spine and limbs into ideal movement patterns.


It’s fantastic to wear while doing yoga.

The Body Braid lifts the arches of the feet, maintains the lumbar curve, supports the knee and hip joints, rolls the shoulders back, and stabilizes the shoulder blades. It literally moves the body into perfect posture.While the Body Braid can be worn during any activity, it is particularly helpful as a yoga prop. It creates optimal alignment, while also training the muscles to find appropriate engagement or relaxation in each pose. It supports the large superficial muscles, which helps the deep core muscles to activate.

The Body Braid has the power to prevent unnecessary yoga injuries due to overstretching, as well as repetitive stress injuries resulting from long-term misalignment in common poses.

Yogis who are inflexible may initially find wearing the Body Braid tiring, since it asks chronically weak muscles to activate. They may need to work up to wearing a Body Braid for the full length of a class.

Yogis who are hypermobile immediately love the feeling of being in a Body Braid, since it provides the resistance they need to stay within a healthy range of motion. The memory of the Body Braid lingers on long after it is removed, allowing users to find functional, healthy posture both on and off the mat.

Some people also find that the Body Braid, and the postural alignment that it creates, affects their state of mind.

“People report that it helps them feel better,” says inventor Voyvodic, who spent 20 years perfecting this product. “Both the capacity to feel is broadened, and the feelings that people have are qualitatively better.”

To find out more about Diane Bruni see her website at:


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